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Sea Harrier with a nuke

Mike Pryce

BAe P.1216 book: harrier.org.uk/P1216.htm
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Dec 21, 2006
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A few years ago I recall seeing a picture of a Sea Harrier with a WE.177 nuclear weapon in a book. I think it was:

Keeping the Peace - The Aldermaston Story by David J Hawkings

Can anyone confirm this? I'd like to trace the pic.

As I understand it they would have used the WE.177 both for attacking ports etc. and for depth charging subs (if no helo could do it), using the IFF signal from the SHAR to locate its position, correlate with ship/helo sonar plot of the sub and then 'kaboom'!

I know there are pics in Laming's Buccanneer book showing WE.177 being dropped from a Bucc., but any other pics of it on the SHAR or any other aircraft anyone has seen?

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