anti-submarine warfare

  1. Forest Green

    Optical-Acoustic Sonar for detection of Submarines from Airborne Assets

  2. Grey Havoc

    Maritime Airborne Warning System (Franco-German project)
  3. Grey Havoc

    NB57 / RD09 ASW/ASuW unmanned surface vehicle family (Turkey)
  4. F

    Submarine Youtube Channel

    This guy (goes by the name "Jive Turkey" of all things) and does analysis of sonar acoustic recordings including ASW sonar pings. He also does analysis of various sub types. Acoustic analysis of sonar pulses ASW sonar pulses off Bahamas Borei sub analysis
  5. C

    Grumman / Shin Meiwa ASR-544-4

    Something different for today ... a collaborative project between Grumman and Shin Meiwa in Japan. Note wing engines can tilt up a few degrees (it's described on another page). Also, there is heavy reliance on active boundary layer control via twin turbines behind the rear pressure bulkhead...
  6. Petrus

    RN 1945 corvette

    In Norman Friedman's invaluable "The Postwar Naval Revolution", which I have so far read many times, now I have found yet another new information. It regards a project of a corvette from 1945. This is what Friedman says on this (in a footnote on one of the book's pages): "The 1200-ton corvette...
  7. Abraham Gubler

    Early CF.299 Destroyer Proposals (previously mistaken for RN Type 19 frigate)

    The following webpage has quite a bit of information about alternate designs for the RN’s Type 19 CVA-01 escort frigate. The designs explore difference ASW configurations with ASROC, Ikara and Malafon.
  8. Hood

    US 1950s Patrol Escort Project

    I've asked the helpful folks over at Warship Disscussion 3.0 about this and despite much searching no-one could find any references, not even from Friedman's US books. Reading Norman Friedman's 'British Carrier Aviation' he mentions the American Patrol Escort (PE) idea of the 1950s. Basically...
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