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28 November 2006
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In Norman Friedman's invaluable "The Postwar Naval Revolution", which I have so far read many times, now I have found yet another new information. It regards a project of a corvette from 1945. This is what Friedman says on this (in a footnote on one of the book's pages):

"The 1200-ton corvette would be armed with one 4in gun, a twin Bofors, four twin 20mm, and double Squid. Although its design was not pursued, the concept of a second-rate ASW ship for mass production led to the Type 14".

Do you have any further in information on this project? I wonder if there are any drawings showing the desing available.

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More details in Friedman's new book on British Destroyers and Escorts, and in Warship 2004, article by George Moore
The dawn of the Salisbury, Leopard and Whitby class frigates. No diagrams in either.
Thank you for your prompt answer. I'll try to find the books in one way or another.


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