post-world war ii

  1. T

    What If : Operation Gallop Was A Success ?

    So, after my mom's fifth session of chemotherapy, things are...slightly but decisevly better, not only I got back to study for my last three exams but time to read what I like about : horror podcasts, alternate history and more. So, I browsed the net and I got inspiration from this article ...
  2. F

    Post-WWII French Ejection Seat research?

    I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of original reports, papers and recollections about the testing by the french (and possibly British / Americans) or captured German ejector seat technology at the end of WWII. Any assistance you could give me in this matter would be...
  3. airman

    United States Strategic Bombing Survey

    The United States Strategic Bombing Survey was a written report created by a board of experts assembled to produce an impartial assessment of the effects of Anglo-American strategic bombing of Nazi Germany during the European theatre of World War II. After publishing its report, the Survey...
  4. hesham

    Brabazon Type-3, possible Competitors ?

    Hi, the Brabazon Type-3 or Specification 6/45,the known tenders were; Airspeed,Armstrong-Whitworth and Avro-692 & Avro-693,but can I ask if those companies involved or not; Blackburn,Bristol ,De Havilland,Fairey,Folland,Handley Page,Miles,Percival,Scottish Aviation, Shorts,Vickers and Westland ?.
  5. Graham1973

    The Sherman Minutia Homepage

    A website devoted to tracking as many of the various iterations of the M4 Sherman as can be determined from surviving documentation.
  6. R

    What if Italy went communist after World War 2?

    What if the northern, industrialized part of Italy remained under communist control after World War 2? What if Italian trade unionists developed a unique, ITALIAN form of communism? ... more like Yugoslavia? ... with few Moscow trained communists?
  7. Tzoli

    French Radar Sets

    Not sure where to ask but here it is: Is there a comprehensive list of French Radars (Both land and naval based) which was developed? Did France able to start developing radar technology before the capitulation or it was kick-started by British and American equipment after the war? To my...
  8. hesham

    Bellanca Prototypes & Projects

    Hi, here is a Bellanca Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes and Sketches, Large Transport, 1948-1950,
  9. blackkite

    Hughes H-4 Hercules

  10. Graham1973

    Fictional Russian Warships from 1945

    Some 'highly speculative' Soviet warship designs allegedly from Life Magazine in 1945, attributed to 'US Naval Architects' I stumbled across on Reddit... They come from this article in the 17th of December 1945 issue of the magazine... The Russian Navy is Reborn (Life Magazine, 17 December 1945)
  11. Jemiba

    Early French Night Vision Devices ?

    Where can I find information about French night vision devices directly after WW II ? When and where such devices were used in the post WWII French armed forces ? From what I've found, most of the early ones used the activ system, so needing an IR light source. But the German Luftwaffe had used...
  12. S

    British post-war 5000 lb HC and 10000 lb HC bombs - any info?

    Such bombs are mentioned in some books or articles about V-bombers and Canberra. E.g. in Aerofax "Vickers Valiant" as a alternative loads (beside of nukes) are 1 x 10000 lb HC or 2 x 5000 lb HC bombs. Maybe someone have some information about these bombs? Are they really existed, or only in...
  13. N

    Piston Engine to Jet Fighter Conversions

    Hi everyone, Including the well known Russian conversions of piston fighters to jets, I wanted to see if anyone had anything on other similar conversions that could be in a nicely consolidated thread of "piston-to-jet theory." :P Thanks!
  14. A

    Lilo Floating runway

    I just bought a small Magazine on the Swordfish , as much as I love the aircraft I actually bought it because of an article on the Lilo floating runway , tested by a Swordfish ...
  15. S

    Nihon University/Okamura N-52 light plane

    The N-52 was the first private aircraft built in Japan after the war. It was a low-wing, side-by-side seating cantilever monoplane sport aircraft of mixed construction built by the Okamura Mfg. Co. It started as a design experiment under the supervision of Hidemasa Kimura, a professor at Nihon...
  16. Grey Havoc

    Martin JRM Mars Flying Boat
  17. Johnbr

    Report On BV 222 + 238

    I found this very interesting.
  18. Maveric

    Alfredo Turbay

    T.1 "Tucan" (real aircraft) sporting biplane T.2 project 1949 touring T.3 (real aircraft) touring T.4 project 195 touring (version of T.3) T.5 project 195 touring (version of T.3) T.6 project 1962 touring (version of T.3) T.7 project 1968 training T.8 project 1968 training T.9...
  19. B

    Ikarus post war projects

    After the war, Ikarus, Zmaj and Rogožarski factories were heavily damaged due to the Axis bombardment in 1941 but also after the Allied bombings in 1944. Most of the equipment was also gone and around 1000 of the workers perished in war. Luckily, the designers and technicians managed to keep...
  20. Hood

    Firestone XR-9

    The Firestone Aircraft Company, a subsidary of the tyre firm of the same name, took over the rights to some Pitcairn Autgyro Company designs. Firestone then developed the Model 45 which became the XR-9 two-seat helicopter. The Model 45B was designed to use a 126hp XO-290-5 piston engine, the...