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REQUIREMENT: US Navy VFA - V/STOL Fighters for Sea Control Ships

overscan (PaulMM)

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Dec 27, 2005
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General topic on VFA Requirement:
  • VFA - V/STOL Fighters for Sea Control Ships (XFV-12 rivals) [info]
Winning Design:
  • Rockwell NR-356 / XFV-12A. [info]
Other designs proposed for VFA:
  • Convair (General Dynamics) Model 200. [info]
  • Grumman G-607. [info]
  • Vought (LTV) V-517 and V-520. [info]
  • Fairchild-Republic FR-150. [info]
  • Boeing Model 908-535. [info] [user artwork]
  • Hawker Siddeley/McDonnell Douglas AV-16. [info]
  • San Diego Aircraft Engineering (Sandaire) "Stinger".
  • Lockheed 24,000lb turboprop-powered tail sitter derived from XFV-1, perhaps CL-1290??
  • VFW Fokker VAK.191 Mk.3.
  • McDonnell Douglas Model 258-52.
  • de Havilland Canada DHC P-71-30.
Related topics:
  • Bell "Seakat" Sea Control Ship (SCS) sensor carrier. [info]
  • General Dynamics CL-84-8 Sea Control Ship (SCS) proposal. [info]
  • Sea Control Ship (SCS) and VSTOL Support Ship (VSS) naval projects. [info]