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27 September 2006
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Many years ago in the 70s I bought a boardgame called Red Star White Star about a hypothetical mid-70s war between US/West German units and Russian forces. The counters had neat silhouettes of M60s and Sheridans for the US and Leopards for the Germans.

Seeing the thread on MBT 70 reminded me that I have always wanted to update the game with MBT 70 counters for the US and Germans, but also with M 701 MICVs replacing the M113s (not shown on the counters in this game). The artillery would have received the mythical XM179 M109 successor and anti-aircraft units would have been added with Maulers instead of Chaparral and Vulcan guns. Oh yes, the attack helos for the US would have been Cheyennes instead of Cobras.

Plenty of scope for other what-if wargame counters?

UK 75

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