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26 November 2008
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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

I recently sent a review copy of my new magazine on commercial variants of the Martin Mars to Jet & Prop magazine in Germany. I no longer subscribe to this interesting magazine (had a baby in February, which forced budget cutbacks) and I'm not sure if they will review it or not. If someone spots a review in the magazine, please email me at or do a quick post here.

I recently became aware of a competing publication called Klassiker der Luftfahrt. Does this magazine have wider circulation than Jet & Prop and would it be more likely to review a magazine such as mine? Any input from our friends in Germany is much appreciated, as I have a limited promotional budget and want to target the correct publications.

Vielen Dank,

Jared Zichek

IMHO I would recommend three magazines:

* Fliegerrevue (the former GDR aviation magazine) with its superb 'daughter' FR Extra (which published Deino's excellent China reports)
* Flugzeug Classic
* Flug Revue

Klassiker der Luftfahrt (a special from Flug Revue) is a platform for built aircraft (sometimes a little bit boring due to the well-known material), and Jet & Prop isn't the best place for your idea.

The best choice should be the FR Extra because there is a page where the staff presents new books (especially published outside Germany). But you can also try it at Flugzeug Classic. Wolfgang Mühlbauer likes to write reviews on interesting books like yours.

If you need e-mail addresses for contact, please send a PM to me.

Best regards,

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