Any forum members who are Japanese/residing in Japan?


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26 November 2008
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Greetings All,

I recently sent some review copies of my new magazine on commercial variants of the Martin Mars to Koku-Fan and Scale Aviation magazines in Japan. I subscribe to neither and I'm not sure if they will review it or not - certainly haven't received any orders from Japan yet. I think Japanese enthusiasts may enjoy the publication, especially as I begin to cover little-known USN projects and prototypes from the WW II-era. Are there any forum members who are Japanese/residing in Japan? If someone spots a review in either of these publications, please email me at

If you can recommend any other Japanese aviation history/modeling magazines that might review my monographs, please let me know. I would offer free issues to someone who could translate my cover letters into Japanese and act as a liaison with Japanese publishers.

Best Regards,

Jared Zichek

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