Which French Aviation History/Modeling Magazine is the "Best?"


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26 November 2008
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A question to our forum members residing in France:

I recently sent a review copy of my new magazine on commercial variants of the Martin Mars to Avions magazine in France. Do you think that this magazine is likely to review it? I'm aware of two other magazines worth considering - le Fana de l'Aviation and Air Magazine. The latter is my favorite of the three, but I'm not sure if it has a very wide circulation. I have a limited promotional budget and want to pick the "correct" magazine to send future review copies to - one with a fairly high circulation that may actually review what I send. If someone spots a review of the Mars monograph in Avions, please email me at editor@aeroarchivepress.com or do a quick post here.

I apologize if my inquiries are annoying - only going to post one more question to our British friends, and then I'm done!


Jared Zichek
Le Fana De L'Aviation has a good record of publishing articles on prototype and unbuilt stuff, which might be worth considering.
Agreed on Le Fana... not heard much (if any) of the other two.

By the way, Le Fana likes the Martin Mars and recently published an article on the SARO Princess. They tend to "group" articles on similar subjects.

Civilian Mars would nicely fit along the SARO Princess...
Le Fana is the best. I'm a subscriber since a couple of years ago. However it is a bit irregular. This month number is absolutely disapointing with articles about toy-aircraft and a review on flight simulation computer hardware... :mad:
Le Fana it is then! Thanks to all who responded. Special thanks to Mr. Miranda - love your work! Have several of your publications on my shelf, great drawings and research in all of them.

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