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Yep: an extreme derivative of the P-108
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Re: Piaggio P.140 transport aircraft

hesham said:


From the same source.


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From Ali Nuove 11/1957,

I can't ID all those aircraft,the first on the right is P.155,what was the others ?.


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From Ali Nuove 11/1957,

I can't ID all those aircraft,the first on the right is P.155,what was the others ?.

From Ailes 11/1957,

I solve a part of the mystery,the middle one was P.157.


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From Ailes 16/11/1957,

a strange Info about P.140 ?.


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From Aviation magazine 1953/1954,

the Piaggio P-145 & P-146 were a twin engined transport Projects;

Piaggio P-145. - The problem medium-haul aircraft aroused studies around the world.Piaggio
designed an airplane transport weighing 48 passengers, low-wing monoplane, monodraft,
equipped with two Armstrong Siddeley Double-Mamba 2580 hp + 350 kgp turboprop
a version for special uses.P-146, has also been studied, with a luxury cabin (airplane of
transportation for high personalities).Characteristics and performances of the P-145 are
established sum follows:

Span. 30 m .: length, 2%
m. ; wing surface, 82 my. Weight
maximum. 23,000 kg. : charge utike
maximum, 6.400 kg

Maximum cruising speed,
400 to 500 km.-h. Autonomy. 2,500
km. +. Cruising altitude, 5,000 to
6,000 meters.


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From Aviation magazine 1956,

here is a small Info about P-153,and a supersonic interceptor Project,maybe it was P-159 ?.


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From Aviation Magazine 1971,

a Piaggio P.166T,maybe a Project ?.


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a Piaggio P.166T,maybe a Project ?.

Yes, the P.166T remained an unbuilt project.

According to Tony Chong (Flying Wings & Radical Things: Northrop's Secret Aerospace Projects - 1939-1994, Specialty Press, 2021, page 166), The P.166T project was connected with the Northrop-Piaggio P.166M submitted to the US Army at Fort Rucker in 1963 as a light tactical transport. [1] A piston-engined P.166 was provided for evaluation by the US Army but no order was placed. According to Chong:

"There were also plan to make a turboprop version of the aircraft called the P.166T. The [Northrop 'Long-Range Planning Committee] recommended the final decision on the P.166T be deferred pending the outcome of the initial P.166M sales. Although the civil market was part of the equation, the major portion of business would come from US and MAP military purchases. The committee also provided an escape clause to the [Northrop-Piaggio] agreement. If no military sales occurred, the aircraft used for the Army proposal would be returned to Italy and the agreement ended."

BTW, your clipping's caption reads something like ...

"A 3-view plan of the Piaggio P-166T project, a variant of the well-known P-166. The aircraft is powered by two turbopropeller engines, likely the 870 ehp Turboméca «Astazou» XIVs. The fuselage is lengthened 1.80 m to carry fourteen passengers. Take-off distance: 470 m (FAR 23). Landing distance: 500 m. Maximum cruising speed: 460 km/h. Practical ceiling: 8,700 m. Range with ten passengers: 2,200 kilometers."

Had the Northrop-Piaggio P.166T proceeded, the US-assembled models would presumably have been powered by Continental CAE Model 217-5 engines (DoD designation XT72) - the US licensed version of the Astazou.


[1] This P.166-based Northrop-Piaggio Aircraft Project scheme had been bandied about since 1961 (when Northrop took on three P.166s for demonstration) but was not pursued seriously until September 1963.
From Air Pictorial 1954.


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