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5 January 2006
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Found this on the website:

Otherwise to the solution. This problem approached the design project leader of NPO "Molniya" Gleb Lozino-Lozinskiy. Drawing on experience of starting "Bors", he proposed to throw interceptors to the targets in 15-25 minutes on... rockets! In this case the need for a constant patrol of interceptors in air at large distancies from the boundaries was eliminated - the start (more precisely, launch) could be achieved already after the detection of aerial targets by the existing PVO long-range radar equipment. Approach time nevertheless was less than what was required for the enemy bomber to fly from the moment of its detection to the boundary of launch of cruise missiles. Moreover, the attack of this interceptor, which fell directly from space onto the flying bomber, would be for it absolutely sudden, since because of the transient nature of attack from the upper hemisphere the attacking interceptor was not revealed to the crew of the bomber until practically the launch of "air-to-air" missiles. It was assumed that after the fulfillment of interception the interceptor would return to its airfield in the near-boundary zone of our territory, in this case a radius of its action proved to be in effect equal to flying range.
To unroll this aviation-missile air defense system, which consists of several launchers, was proposed first of all in the most dangerous and least protected direction - northern. In case of the realization of this project not one American bomber, which flies to us using the shortest direction, could cross the boundary of the north pole...

Please note that it explicitly says the image with the Su-27 on a rocket has no relation to the real appearance of the proposed interceptor. I would guess the actual design might resemble a Spiral / Bor-4 - or then not. Also, I wonder what booster rocket would have been used (how much thrust would you need to launch a, say, Su-27 size aircraft suborbitally)? And basing method: pad (sounds very vulnerable), silo, mobile...?

There's also another wild idea: An-225 + Su-27 parasite combination:
For example, the design project leader of OKB Sukhoi Mikhail Simonov proposed the design of unique aviation air defense system, which had to bear duty on the distant, oceanic boundaries, destroying enemy bombers long before their approach to our boundaries. This aviation system had to be the re-equipped carrier aircraft An-225 "Mriya", in which on wing would be based two modified interceptors Su-27. Structurally fastening system Su-27 to "Mriya" had to allow fighter pilots to be located inside "Mriya", and occupy their places in the cockpits of interceptors only upon the alarm signal. Following the detection of enemy both Su-27s started engines, took off from the wing of carrier aircraft, intercepted the targets and after this again returned to the wing of An-225, achieving a refueling, rearmament and performing other necessary operations during rest of fighter pilots inside "Mriya". This project did not obtain approval from the side of glavkoma PVO, since arose the fear that the combination of An-225 + 2 Su-27 will grow prettier by target for the air defense weapons of enemy, placed on submarines.

These seem to be solutions to the same problem as the Mikoyan 7.01 interceptor, ie. destroying US bombers before they could launch their cruise missiles.
Vadim is assuring that this is not April Fool Day joke, just authentic configuration is classified.
Interesting concept. I found the animation of the rotating stabs of BOR-6 most interesting. The US has a lifting body based on the BOR design only we opted for fly by wire and made the stabs fixed (non rotating). The rotation of the stabs provided hypersonic to subsonic stability.
The rocket-boosted Su-27 is clearly not accurate. The real one would have needed a raised cockpit canopy to allow clearance for the pilot's huge brass [knuckles].
I'm just looking at that project, and it should have "ACME" stencilled on the booster.

Kim M
Guys, remember the image has nothing to do with the actual project - it is just fan art.
Sorry for reopening this old thread... I have this book for so many years now and just read it. The idea of combining the fighter with a (orbital-class) rocket is fascinating and absurd at the same time. Btw. here is the plan to put two Su-27s onboard an An-225 mentioned too. It seems to be cancelled at the end of the soviet empire 1990/91.



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Actually this was a Sukhoi DB project from 60s. Interceptor was based on _heavily_ modified Su-9. And launcher was not R-7

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