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Dec 16, 2010
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This is one of the steps on the road to the Hubble Space Telescope. At this point in the process the telescope contains a lot of Apollo legacy hardware and was designed so that the shuttle could be docked with it to allow maintenance and instrument swap-outs to take place in a shirtsleeve environment.

Here is the abstract from the summary report:

The Phase A study of the Large Space Telescope (LST) is reported. The study defines an LST concept based on the broad mission guidelines provided by the Office of Space Science (OSS), the scientific requirements developed by OSS with the scientific community, and an understanding of long range NASA planning current at the time the study was performed. The LST is an unmanned astronomical observatory facility, consisting of an optical telescope assembly (OTA), scientific instrument package (SIP), and a support systems module (SSM). The report consists of five volumes. The report describes the constraints and trade off analyses that were performed to arrive at a reference design for each system and for the overall LST configuration. A low cost design approach was followed in the Phase A study. This resulted in the use of standard spacecraft hardware, the provision for maintenance at the black box level, growth potential in systems designs, and the sharing of shuttle maintenance flights with other payloads.

This is one early project where the full report is available still via the NTRS, the five volumes are linked below.

Large space telescope, Phase A. Volume 1: Executive summary

Large space telescope, Phase A. Volume 2: Mission description and system design characteristics

Large space telescope, Phase A. Volume 3: Optical telescope assembly

Large space telescope, Phase A. Volume 4: Scientific instrument package

Large space telescope, Phase A. Volume 5: Support systems module


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