Mysterious white rhombus on Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 wings

It's am SM82. The wartime sm84 had twin fins and a much slimmer fuselage. The pre-war SM84 was a twin engine airliner simiar in looks to the DC2/3 series/
He's asking about the purpose of the white rhombus shapes painted on the wings :)

Unfortunately I can't answer that, dunno what they're for.
tactical markings?, gas detector patches?

First of all, are we sure that they were painted also on some real plane? Or probably isn't it some misinterpretation of this?


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Justo Miranda said:
Real plane

The Italian text tells, litterally:

"The aircraft, which is disembarking as usual a group of soldiers, is an SM-82 "armed" that is just came, as formation's head, from the mission over Bahrein of 19th October 1940. Of such recent flight there are still the with white identification rombus, over the wings."

It remains only one doubt about it: the white rombus was used by all the aircraft used against Bahrein or they was used only by the formation's head to identify it?

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