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  1. ptdockyard

    Development of the Italian Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro-class destroyers

    I have quite a bit of information on this design but a couple sources imply that early on there was consideration of using at least one twin turret for the 135mm guns. Can anyone verify if this was true and, if so, what was the intended arrangement of the guns? Thanks, Dave G
  2. J

    Polikarpov I-16 versus Messerschmitt Bf 109 B-1 in Spain

    The first batch of 31 Polikarpov I-16 Type 5 fighters (the strength of a Soviet Fighter Regiment) arrived in Spain at the end of October 1936. The Republican ground crews in charge of assembling the aircraft called the new fighter Mosca (fly) because of the Russian word MOCKBA written on the...
  3. archipeppe

    Italian Navy turns 160 years

    Today Italian Navy celebrates its 160th birthday!!! Thanks to all the brave women and men who serve our homeland!!
  4. Dilandu

    Italian Fotobomba (AH, 1945)

    This concept is from my AH project "Savioe Cross". In short - in 1943, Mussolini was a bit quicker, and managed to broker peace with Allies before the Victor Emmanuel III. Italy managed to came out of Axis more orderly, and successfully repel (with Allied help, of course), German invasion. But...
  5. C

    Any WW2 italian gas turbine?

    In a topic in the "early projects" section, I've seen a reference to a R-2000 Italian turboprop of WW2 vintage. That mention arouse in me a question: why Italy was the first to actively research some kind of jet engine but at the same time the only great power apparently not having some research...
  6. hesham

    Luigi Bresciani Seaplane

    Here is all story for this seaplane; At the beginning of 1916 the Austro-Hungarian aviation could boast the supremacy of the skies and was difficult to counter both for the quality of the available means and for the difficulty of reaching and effectively hitting the bases from which it...
  7. J

    Breda CC-20/CC-2000/CC-3000

    who can help me with sources who give more information/details of the CC-2000 and CC-3000. concerning these two I found only the information that is has to do with the total power of the engines. please real sources and not he told that he told!!!!! Thanks
  8. J

    Cesare Pallavicino an two Breda projects

    Hai On the Wikipedia site of Pallavicino is mentioned that he worked for some time for Breda. There are two projects mentioned of which I have, until now, nothing found. The projects are the Ba 18 and Ba 35. Concerning the Ba 18 is mentioned on the Breda designations forum that it was possible a...
  9. Grey Havoc

    Secret Axis Flights

    (also mentions efforts planned or actually attempted with the Ju 290, Ju 390, and the Ki 77. Overlooks the Me 264 though.) The Rome-Tokyo flight was arguably one of the Regia Aeronautica's finest hours, though unfairly forgotten.
  10. M

    Italian secret projects

    I think everybody know about M11/39 or P.26/40,but there's lot of secret projects.So,i was searching for secret italian projects/prototypes for more than 2 years.Here's my finds: Name:AB42 Name:Carro M13...
  11. archipeppe

    The Real Sparviero Aircraft Carrier

    Italian Navy during WWII started the conversion of the two almost-sister ocean liners ROMA and AUGUSTUS (they had only different engines), they was turned into AQUILA and SPARVIERO. While the AQUILA was pratically finished (even if not still entered in service) when Italian signed the Armistice...
  12. hesham

    Nardi Pre-1945 Aircraft and Projects

    Hi, Brothers Nardi were Italian designers formed their firm in early 1930s, as I think they began with FN.305,it was a single/two seat trainer and liaison low-wing aircraft of 1934/35,it appeared in four version,A to D, the FN.306 was developed from it as a Project,but no confirm on this. The...
  13. T

    Fi-103 (V-1) missiles on Aircraft Carrier Impero

    Hi to all, I am still here to write about news written in the book "Aircraft Carrier Impero" (authors Davide F. Jabes and Stefano Sappino). We talked about it here:,30931.0.html and here about the DAAC antiaircraft missile...
  14. T

    Dispositivo Anti Aereo Campini

    Hi, first of all, Happy New Year at all. Secondly, I am reading the book "Aircraft Carrier Impero", authors Davide F. Jabes and Stefano Sappino. We talked about it here:,30931.0.html At page 159-163 there are some notes about the...
  15. Dilandu

    Italian guided torpedoes of WW II

    Hello. I'm not sure this post should be right here, but it's the closest theme I found. Does anyone have any data about the radio-controlled torpedo that - according to some sources - was supposed to be used from P.108? According to available data, the aforementioned torpedo was developed in...
  16. P

    Italian Submarines 1895-Present

    What can the dozens of experts tell me about Italian designed and built submarines?
  17. Sherman Tank

    1930s Italian carrier aircraft projects

    Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent O'Hara's article on Italian aircraft carrier design ("Search for a Flattop: The Italian Navy and the Aircraft Carrier 1907-2007") in Warship 2007 has a passing mention of two mid-1930s proposals for carrier-based aircraft: the Caproni Ca.165 biplane fighter and a...
  18. blackkite

    Breda aircraft

    Hi! Breda Ba.27 "The Ba.27 was a low-wing braced monoplane with fixed tailwheel undercarriage. As originally designed, the Ba.27 had a fuselage of steel tube construction, skinned with light corrugated alloy metal, and wooden wings and tailplane...
  19. H

    1937 Italian Submarine Hunter

    Anyone have any more information about dimensions and speed of this 1937 Italian sub hunter of 1300 tons with anti-submarine float plane? Love to know more about the floatplane. 3x1 120mm; 4x1 20mm; 2x2 torpedo tubes; 4 depth charge throwers, and sonar...
  20. hesham

    Guidoni Early Aircraft and his Activities

    Hi, here is Guidoni early aircraft concepts,and his his activities in aviation about developed a floats to anther airplanes,in early period.,5/ricordi_di_idroaviazione,21.html