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26 May 2006
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Hallo dears,

I will try to find this entersting company.
VM-1 (DVB-102):long range high altitude bomber.
VM-2 (DVB-102-2):long range high altitude bomber.
VM-3 (DVB-102N):long range bomber.
VM-4 (DVB-102D or DN):long rang bomber.
VM-5 -------?.
VM-6 (Pe-2 2M-1):test dive-bomber.
VM-7 (Pe-2B):dive-bomber.
VM-8 (Pe-2D):front bomber.
VM-9 -------?.
VM-10 ------?.
VM-11 (Pe-2K):daily dive-bomber
VM-12 (Pe-2l):daily dive-bomber.
VM-13 (Pe-2l) :high speed bomber.
VM-14 -------?.
VM-15 (Pe-2):test front bomber equipped by RU-1 jet accelerator .
VM-16 (DB-108):test daily high-speed bomber.
VM-17 (DB-108):test daily dive bomber.
VM-18 (DB-IV-108):test high-speed daily bomber.
VM-19 (VB-109):high altitude bomber.
VM-20 (DIS): well known .

VM-21 (SDB): far distance bomber.
VM-22 (DVB-202):well known.
VM-23 (DVB-302):far distance bomber.
VM-24 (DSB-17):well known.
VM-25 (Bison):well known.
VM-26 : long range fast bomber.
VM-27 : ------?.
VM-28 :high altitude srtategic bomber.
VM-29 :airliner/military transport aircraft based on Bison.
VM-30 :far distance jet bomber.
VM-31 :four engined heavy bomber.
VM-32 :delta wing strategic bomber.
VM-33 :heavy bomber.
VM-34 :strategic bomber.
M-35 to M-39 :not known.
M-40 :we know.
M-41 :spacecraft.
M-42 :cruise missile.
M-43 : ------?.
M-44 :we know.
M-45 :spacecraft.

M-48: reusable spaceplane to be launchewd by a R-7 booster
M-50: technology demonstrator for the M-52 supersonic bomber. Prototype first flew on October 27, 1959 (NATO name: Bounder)
M-51: ??
M-52: supersonic bomber
M-53: supersonic airliner
M-55: supersoni ariliner
M-56: supersonic strategic bomber
M-57: supersonic strategic bomber
M-60: nuclear powered bomber
M-70: flying-boat strategic bomber

source: Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge by Asif Siddiqi, p.224-226

see also (in russian)

Thanks Ender,

M-46 : space rocket.
M-47 : ------?.
M-49 : ------?.
M-51 :intercontinental cruise missile based on M-50 manned bomber.
M-58 :space aircraft.
M-59 :mixed powered bomber.
M-61 :pilotless bomber.
M-62 :far distance supersonic bomber.
M-67 :well known.
M-71 :supersonic bomber.
A friend found a M-27 in "Grazhdanskaya aviatsiya" 10/1991 (article "Samolyoty s markoy >M<" by V. Lamzutov), but no confirmation in any other source. The author described the M-27 as turboprop transport project from 1952 (probably a competitor to Antonov An-8 and Tupolev "101" - ?).
Thanks boxkite,

I will mention the anther series to this company ,which was started with M-2.

we know M-71,M-90,M-101,M-102,M-103,M-112,M-200 and M-500.

M-2 (1M):heavy stragetic bomber.
M-4 :well known.
M-6 :well known.
M-8 :-------?.
M-12 :V/STOL transport aircraft,project
M-13 : Tu-85.
M-15 :------?.
M-17 :well known.

Myasishchev M-80;


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The Myasishchev CMC VTOL transport aircraft project ,with big rotor for lift
and Titan.


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The Myasishchev M-12 and its variants.


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hesham said:

The Myasishchev CMC VTOL transport aircraft project ,with big rotor for lift
and Titan.

It's UK AVPRO company fantasies. No any connection to real Myasishchev OKB projects.
Hi flateric,

the CMC was related to Myasishchev,and not a fantasy aircraft,and I translated
it wrong it was SMS,see also;
Hesham, may I, citizen of Russian Federation and a guy who have numorous connections inside the russian aerospace industry, say again that this is fantasy illustration of fictious what-if created by British concept company called AVPRO (AVPROs Titan X-wing concept goes next on the same page as mythical 'CMC'), published in David Olier, Mike Ryan's book 'Secret Planes And Secret Missions' (c) 2000 illustrated by AVPRO artists.
Dear Hesham and Flateric!
VM means Vladimir Myasishchev, there is exist his personal album with VM-0 to VM-24 list of those aircrft. F.e. VM-24 means RB-17. I have this album in original and can provide copy.
Thera are also exist so called "statcards" from VM-25 (M-4 bomber) till M-70 (flying boat).

When EMZ was organized they also used twin names, f.e. M-12 VTOL aircraft.
Last "M" is M-91 - tourist space shuttle.

And some words about M-12 VTOL. As far as I remember I have in my archieve about 30 variants of that plane.

M-40 till M-49 were missile, you may find info in 4th volume of "Illustrated Encyclopedia of MDB" by Avico Press
Dear Ucon - I still wonder if there's any proof of existing this particular stowable-rotor iteration of M-12. It's so unusual that it could not miss the pages of EMZ Encyclopaedia - while there's no mention of it there. Why?
Dear Flateric!
Next time when you visit me I"ll give you folder from my archieve with original sources of M-12.
We had very shot time to prepare and print 7th volume before MAKS-99, that"s why more than 120 aircraft were missed.
It seems it is time to prepare the 4th edition)))
Thanks for that, and surely everybody needs fourth print =)
For aircraft of Myasishchew there are three different designation systems:

1 The personal list of aircrafts and missiles 1940 - 1960
2 The list of state designations for the aircraft in series production
3 The list of aircrafts of the factory EMZ 1967 – today

Here are the correct and complete lists (of current knowledge):

1 The personal list of aircrafts and missiles 1940 - 1960

VM-1: prototype, long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-102 with 2 M-120TK engines, 1940
VM-2: project, long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-102 with 2 M-20 diesel engine, 1940
VM-3: project, long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-102N with 2 M-120TK engines, 1940
VM-4: prototype, long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-102 with 2 M-71TK-3 en-gines, 1943
VM-5: project, long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-102DM with 2 MB 102TK en-gines, 1942
VM-6: prototype, dive bomber Pe-2M-1 with 2 M-1 engines, 1943
VM-7: prototype, dive bomber Pe-2B with 2 M-105PF engines, 1943
VM-8: project, dive bomber Pe-2D (Pe-6) with 2 M-107A engines,, 1943
VM-9: production version, bomber trainer UPe-2 (Pe-2S, Pe-2UT) with 2 M-105PF engines, 1943
VM-10: prototype, 2-seat fighter Pe-3M with 2 VK-105PF engines, 1943
VM-11: prototype, dive bomber Pe-2K with 2 VK-105PF engines, 1944
VM-12: 2 prototypes, dive bomber Pe-2I with 2 VK-107A engines, 1944
VM-13: prototype, dive bomber Pe-2M with 2 VK-107A engines, 1945
VM-14: 2 prototypes, long-range escort-fighter DIS with 2 VK-107A engines, 1945
VM-15: prototype, experimental Pe-2RD with 2 VK-105PF engines and additional rocket engine RD-1KhZ, 1943
VM-16: prototype, day bomber DB-108 with 2 VK-108 engines, 1944
VM-17: prototype, day bomber DB-II-108 with 2 VK-108 engines, 1945
VM-18: project, day bomber DB-108 with 2 VK-108 engines, 1945
VM-19: project, high-altitude bomber WB-109 with 2 VK-109 engines, 1944
VM-20: project, reconnaissance aircraft Pe-2F with 2 M-107A engines, 1943
VM-21: project, long-range reconnaissance aircraft Pe-2R with 2 VK-107A engines, 1945
VM-22: project, strategic long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-202 with 4 ASh-72TKM engines, 1944
VM-23: project, strategic long-range high-altitude bomber DVB-302 with 4 AM-46TK2 engines,1945
VM-24: project, tactical jet bomber RB-17, DSB-17 with 4 Jumo 004 turbojets, 1945
M-25: aircraft in production, strategic bomber M-4 with 4 AM-3A turbojets, from 1951 onwards
M-26: project, transport aircraft with 2 turboprops TV-2F, 1951
M-27: project, transport aircraft in variants with 2 AL-7, AM-3, AM-13 or 4 AM-11 tur-bojets, from 1952 onwards
M-28: project, high altitude bomber 2M, 4 VD-5 turbojets, 1951
M-29: project, passenger and transport aircraft, 4 AM-3, later VD-7 turbojets, 1953
M-30: project, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, 2 AM-3 turbojets, 1953
M-31: project, transonic strategic bomber, 4 VD-5 turbojets, 1952
M-32: project, delta supersonic strategic bomber, 4 VD-5 ('Z') turbojets, 1953
M-33: project, development of the experimental fighter Yak-1000, 1 TRD-5 engine, 1951
M-34: project, transonic bomber, 2 VD-7 or AM-13 turbojets, 1953
35: flight refuelling system for M-4 and 3M
M-36: aircraft in production, strategic bomber 3M with 4 VD-7 turbojets, from 1954 onwards
M-39: project, development of 3M with 4 VD-7V turbojets, 1957
M-40: project, strategic missile system "Buran", from 1954 onwards
M-41: prototypes, 4 Launch Rockets of system "Buran", from 1954 onwards
M-42: project, Mach-3-cruise missile "Buran" with ramjet RD-018 engine, from 1954 onwards
M-43: project, air-to-surface missile for 3M, M-52K and M-56K, 1959
M-44: project, air-to-ground missile missiles for M-52K carrier with 2 jet turbines of different OKB, 1957
M-45: project, air-to-ground missile with rocket propulsion, 1958
M-46: project, hypersonic rocket plane, 1959
M-47: project, intercontinental two or three stage ballistic missile, 1959
M-48: project, manned manoeuvrable Sputnik, 1960
M-49: project, cosmic plane
M-50: projects, supersonic bomber in variants with 5 AM-17 or VD-9 turbojets or 5 NK-6 turbofans or with 4 VD-9 or RD16-17 turbojets, from 1954 onwards,
prototype, with 2 VD-7A with 2-VD 7MA turbojets, first Flight 27.10.59
M-51 project, unmanned M-50 with 4 RD16-17 or VD-9B turbojets, 1956
M-52: prototype (not flown), supersonic strategic missile carrier with 4 RD16-17B tur-bojets, 1956
M-53: project, supersonic airliner with 4 RD16-23 turbojet, 1958
M-54: project, supersonic strategic missile carrier (tailless delta) with 4 turbojets, 1959
M-55: Study (before M-53), 4 variants of supersonic airliners with 2, 4 or 6 engines, 1958
M-56: project, supersonic strategic missile carrier in canard or delta configuration, variants with 4 NK-10 turbofans, 4 RD-17-117F turbojets or 6 VK-15 turbojets, from 1956 onwards
M-57: project, supersonic strategic missile carrier M-57K in integral delta configura-tion, 6 VK-15B or VK-15M turbojets, 1959
M-58: project, tailless supersonic bomber with 2 ramjet engines, vertical start with 4 M-41A boosters, 1958
M-59: project, supersonic missile carrier in canard configuration, 6 RD-7-300 or NK-11 engines, 1959
M-60: project, supersonic bomber with 4 turbojets with nuclear propulsion Ljulka TRDA, many variants, 1955
M-61: project (designation unconfirmed), air-to-ground missile with 2 ramjet engines RD-013 for missile carrier 3M, M-52K, 1958
M-70: project, supersonic flying boat with 4 NK-6, NK-10 or RD16-17F engines, many variants, from 1955 onwards.

Duplications with unclear motivation:

M-26: project, transport aircraft with 4 VD-7 or RD-23-300, competitor with Tu-115, An-20 and Il-60, 1960
M-30: project, supersonic bomber in canard configuration with 6 Kuznetsov A-5-2 turbojets with nuclear propulsion, some variants, 1959

2 The list of state designations for the aircraft in series production

M-2: not defined (some speculations, all wrong)
M-4: state designation of M-25
M-6: state designation of 3M (M-36), (practically not used)


All Military aircraft of the Soviet Union between 1940 and 1990 have been received state designations when they were in-troduced in series production and officially in the Soviet Air Force.

The nomenclature of state designation has been defined by an order of NKAP (State commissariat for aviation industry) from 09 December 1940.

Each state designation of a soviet aircraft consisted of two Cyrillic letters and a number.

The two letters were the first and second letter of the last name of the chief designer (from 1956 of the “General designer”, i. e. the head of the OKB).

The following number was
- odd only for fighter aircraft
- even for all other class of aircraft.

Myasishchev injured this nomenclature has from the beginning. Instead of the prescribed sequence of two Cyrillic letters Mya he used only M.

Main sources:

[1] V. A. Fedotov: “Samolyoty V. M. Myasishcheva”. Tekhnika vozdushnogo flota 1997, 5, 1 – 20.

[2] A. A. Bruk, K. G. Udalov, S. G. Smirnov and B. L. Puntus: Illustrirovannaya entsiklopediya samolyotov V. M. Myasishcheva. Vol. 2, Parts 1 – 3. Moskva, AVICO PRESS, 2001
3 The list of aircrafts of the factory EMZ 1967 – today

M-12: project, STOL- or VTOL utility aircraft, many variants, 1968 - 76
M-13: project, military transport, 1968 (?)
M-17: 3 prototypes, interceptor of automatic drifting balloons, later high-altitude experimental aircraft, with 1 RD36-51V turbojet, from 1970 onwards
M-18: project, strategic bomber with variable geometry, development of M-20 for Mach 2.2 with 4 engines of different types (NK-144, NK-22, Nk-25, Nk-54-30, D-30F7) Variant M-18M with 4 K-102 combined turbofan-turbojets, 1972
M-19: project, hypersonic aircraft used in air and space, many variants, propulsion by turbofans, hypersonic ramjets and rockets, normal, cryogenic and nuclear fuel, 1974 - 1980
M-20: project, strategic multi-regime bomber for Mach 3 in many different aerodynamic configuratiojns with 4 NK-54-20 turbofans or 4 K-101 combined turbofan-turbojets, 1968 - 1970
M-25: project, supersonic attack aircraft used the shock wave as weapon, 5 variants with 2 or 4 engines, 1969 - 1972
(topic) 35: 2 prototypes, conversion of two 3M bombers in 3M-T “Atlant” transport aircraft for “Buran” space shuttle program, 1977
M-52: project, heavy transport aircraft, 4 variants, most with 8 D-18T turbofans, 1979
M-55: 2 prototypes, variant of M-17 with 2 D-30-10V turbofans, 1985 – 1988
M-60: project, special wide body development, many variants, 1985 - 2003
M-61: project, M-17PV (development of M-17), 1984
M-62: project “Oryol”, remote-controlled high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, many variants with extremely different engines, 1975
M-63: project, high-altitude aircraft with 2 PS-30V12 or NK-102 turbofans, many vari-ants 1981
M-65: project, M-17P (development of M-17), 1986
M-67: project, high-altitude observation aircraft, 1987
M-70: project, “Gzhel” business and executive transport aircraft with 1 piston engine, 1989 – 1990, later renamed as M-101
M-72: project, “Yamal” amphibian with 2 TVD-1500A turboprops, mockup 1992, pro-totype between 1996 and 2000 constructed, not flown (?), 20 aircraft 1997 planned, not realized,1989 – 2000
M-80: project, VTOL transport aircraft in 4 variants with 2 TVD-77 turboprps, 4 TW7-117 turboprops or 4 RD-1700 turbofans, 1994
M-90: project, super heavy transport aircraft in 7 variants with 6, 8 or 10 engines (NK-62 turboprops or NK-93 turbofans), 1992
M-101: prototypes and production aircrafts, M-101T “Gzhel” business and executive transport aircraft with 1 TV-O-100 or M-601F turboprop, renamed development of M-70, from 1992 onwards, first flight 31 March 1995, certified 29 Dec 2002
M-102: project, initial “Delfin”, later “Duet”, business and executive transport aircraft with 2 TVD-20M, AL-34 or PT6A-66 turboprops, 1989
M-103: project, “Skif”, 1990 -1994
M-104: project,
M-105: project, development of project M-102, business and executive transport air-craft for 14 – 20 passengers with 2 TVD-20M turboprops, 1994
M-111: project, business and executive transport aircraft with 2 PT6A-67R turbo-props, revision of German project AMC-111 from 1975, German-Russian joint pro-ject, 1993
M-112: project, MM-1 business and executive transport aircraft with 2 TVD-20, TVD-1500 or PT6A-67 turboprops, German-Russian joint project, 1993 - 1994
M-120: project, business and executive transport aircraft with 2 Allison AE3007 turbo-fans,
M-121: project, business and executive transport aircraft with 2 turbofans,
M-150: project, short-range airliner for 150 passengers with 2 TV7-117 turboprops, 1995
M-200: project, advanced trainer with 2 RD-35M turbofans, 1990
M-201: project, “Sokol” business and executive transport aircraft with 2 M-601F32 or PT6A-42 turboprops, 1992
M-202: project, “Olyon”, feederliner for 19 passengers with 2 TVD-20M or PT6A-67A, variants for other missions, development of M-102, 1997
M-203: project, “Barsuk” light utility transport, 1 R-985 piston engine, 1995
M-205: project, two-seat light attack aircraft with TVD-20 turboprop, 1996
M-207: project, advanced trainer with TVD-20 turboprop, version of M-205, 1996
M-302: project, “Kuryer” business and executive transport aircraft with 2 turbofans for Iran, 1993
M-500: project, agricultural utility aircraft with TDA-450 ot M-14Skh piston engine

Main sources:

[1] V. A. Fedotov: “Samolyoty V. M. Myasishcheva”. Tekhnika vozdushnogo flota 1997, 5, 1 – 20.

[2] A. A. Bruk, K. G. Udalov and S. G. Smirnov: Illustrirovannaya entsiklopediya samolyotov EMZ im. V. M. Myasishcheva. Vol. 3. Moskva, AVICO PRESS, 1999.

[3] A. A. Bruk, K. G. Udalov, S. G. Smirnov, A. V. Arkhipov, V. I. Pogodin, Puntus, B. L. : Illustrirovannaya entsiklopediya samolyotov EMZ im. V. M. Myasishcheva. Vol. 3. Moskva, AVICO PRESS, 2005.
It seems the EMZ list is missing at least M-22 and M-91 (as to Avico Press site). Perhaps ucon could tell us if the EMZ list should be continous up to M-91, or are there gaps in actual project designations?
Hi to all!
The list by Mechan will be corrected and there will be many missed numbers -
f.e. M-34 - high altitude recon, base for M-17,
M-85 - russian equivalent of "Global Hawk"
M-202, M-302 - passenger project (see detailed info in
M-300 - "Gzhel" military variant etc. etc.

Hope to finish with M-50 variants this year)))) and then will be full list of Myasishchev.
Any questions - contact directly.
Dear K. G.

It is clear that you know projects of EMZ about until now nothing has been published. I meant this with the parenthesis “(of current knowledge)”. But only a mention of these projects not amend the list. Would be nice if you wrote a supplementary list, according to the scheme:

Type, project, specification, engines, year of begin

Otherwise, we unfortunately need to wait until something about the projects on your site (avicopress) appears.


H. B. ("mechan")
After working for several days on end on a Myasishchev design chronology, I realized that this forum had this interesting thread! Obviously it enabled me to fill a few blanks, but my initial research brought up a few finds and questions as follows, which I hope our Russian aviation specialists on this forum will help me answer:

1°) Some sources mention Pe-2A, Pe-4, Pe-4A and Pe-8 as planned derivatives of the DVB-102 bomber. Are these other names for already listed designs, or separate projects?

2°) The heavy strategic bomber project that received the state designations 1M / M-2 does not appear in the above listings.

3°) The M-32 delta wing bomber was once described as the "Zazvukovoy bomber". Does that word mean anything in Russian at all, or is it a mistranscription?

4°) One source states that the Myasishchev Type 37 was the 201M prototype. This makes some sense since this was the second Bison prototype, and the first was M-36, from which the whole M-4 series derived. But I'd need some more proof... And if the 201M got its own model designation, what about the 103M?

5°) The 4M prototype of the Bison (on which the nose gun was removed, NR-23 cannons were replaced with AM-23, and the PM-3A engines were replaced by the RD-3M and then the RD-3M-500) is not listed either. Could this have been M-38? Just a thought...

6°) I have found mention of two distinct M-61 projects but could only document one, which was a supersonic air-launched air-to-ground cruise missile. Does anyone know about the "other" M-61, if any?

7°) The first list ends with M-70, and yet mention was made earlier in the thread of an M-71 supersonic bomber project. Was that a mistake?

8°) VM-26 or M-26 seems to have refered to two distinct transport projects. However I have also found mention of a long-range fast bomber project with the same number. A mistake?

9°) M-33 is said to be a development of the Yak-1000, yet I also have it as a tailless bomber project...

10°) M-58 is given as a tailless supersonic bomber, but I also found it as a spacecraft project. Could this be from the second "EMZ" series?

11°) Mention is made of two planned M-17 derivatives, the M-17P (M-65) and M-17PV (M-61). Yet I have an article in Russian that details two loosely related derivatives designated M-17RP and M-17RP2 but can't find them in the EMZ list.

12°) Undocumented projects known to have existed are the M-49 spacecraft (first series), the M-22 (second series), M-104, M-113, M-204, M-206, M-301, the Irtysh and Nadezhda, and the Spasatel crane aircraft.

13°) Projects for which I can find no designations are the Cyclops and Triplane aircraft that preceded the M-101, the Sirius and Breeze business transport aircraft, and the Cosmospolis XXI (C-21)/Explorer spacecraft.

14°) An "A-209", supposed to be a "light multi-purpose aircraft" appears to be a dubious designation...

15°) Where does the "25F" high-altitude photo-reconnaissance project fit in??

16°) Why don't the DVB-402 and LK-1 bomber projects appear?

17°) A large six-engine shuttle carrier aircraft program designated AKC-1/AKC-2 is not listed.

18°) The BOR-5/BTC "Cosmos" space shuttle design (pre-"Buran") is not listed.

19°) Has any picture of the M-103 "Skif" bomber ever surfaced?

Finally, here is a list of all the Miasishchev/Molniya 3-digit designations:

M-101T Гжель (Gzhel) Small multipurpose transport derived from the Триплан (Triplane) and M-70 projects.
М-101Т SKh Project of agricultural derivative М-101Т.
M-101P Light patrol aircraft project.
M-102 Дельфин (Dolphin) Business and executive transport project for 4-9 passengers.
M-102 Дуэт (Duet) Business and executive transport project, longer version.
M-102 Дуэт-Saras (Duet-Saras) Business and executive transport project, final version.
M-102B Дуэт (Duet) Projected variant of the M-102, no details.
M-103 скиф (Scythian) Experimental heavy bomber.
M-104 Project, no details.
M-105 Дуэт (Duet) Projected stretched version of the M-102 for 14-20 passengers.
M-111 (AMC-111) Business and executive transport aircraft developed with Germany.
M-112 (MM-1) Light civil/military business and executive transport project developed with Germany.
M-113 No details.
M-120 Business and executive transport aircraft project with 2 Allison AE3007 turbofans.
M-121 Business and executive transport aircraft project with 2 turbofans.
M-150 Short-range airliner for 150 passengers with 2 TV7-117 turboprops. Cargo variant also considered.
M-200 Advanced trainer project with 2 RD-35M turbofans.
M-201 Курчева (Kurcheva) Twin-engined business and executive transport project, up to 15 passengers.
M-202 Олень (Deer) Further, larger development of the M-102 project for 19 passengers.
M-203 Барсук (Badger) Light utility transport project with one R-985 piston engine.
M-204 No details.
M-205 Two-seat light attack aircraft project with TVD-20 turboprop.
M-206 No details.
M-207 Advanced trainer project with TVD-20 turboprop, version of M-205.
M-301 No details.
M-302 Курьер (Courier) Light business and executive transport aircraft with 2 turbofans.
M-500 Agricultural utility aircraft with TDA-450 ot M-14Skh piston engine.

Сириус (Sirius) Wide-body regional aircraft project.
Бриз (Breeze) Projected VIP staff transport.
Циклоп (Cyclops) Project that preceded the Molniya-1 aircraft.
Триплан (Triplane) Project that preceded the M-101T aircraft.
Спасатель (Rescuer) Project of auto-crane with 150-meter boom equipped with the multipurpose working unit.
Иртыш (Irtysh) No details.
Надежда (Hope) No details.

Molniya-1 Light multi-purpose pusher aircraft.
Molniya-100 Light twin-prop pusher multi-purpose aircraft project.
Molniya-300 Light twin-jet multi-purpose aircraft project.
Molniya-400 Large twin-jet multi-purpose aircraft project.
Molniya-1000 Herakles Superheavy six-engine aircraft project.


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By the way,

the last post in this topic from My dear Stargazer was
very interesting.

Anther little known designations;

Subject 61 was M-17PV fighter.
Subject 65 was M-17P fighter.
Subject 34 well known fighter,also called M-3.
Subject 55 was high altitude recce,later called M-17R.
hesham said:
Anther little known designations;

Subject 61 was M-17PV fighter.
Subject 65 was M-17P fighter.
Subject 34 well know fighter,also called M-3.
Subject 55 was high altitude recce,later called M-17R.


M-56R scout project.
Subject 55.2 became M-17RM.
Subject 52 became M-52 heavy transport project.
Subject 60 became M-60 wide-body transport project.
I think Hesham's referring to the Myasishchev '34', also known as the 'Chaika', which led to the Myasishchev m-17-M-55 series,
and was of course a 'fighter' in that it was armed in order to shoot down the CIA spy balloons......



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Oh, *that* "fighter"... But this can't be #34 in the EMZ series since it's a chronological sequence and the Chaika clearly came before the Stratosfera. To me, this was just the first M-17, nothing more.
No, it wasn't 'M-34', just '34', or 'subject 34'. Because the aircraft and the mission were super-secret, it was known only by a code name.
AIUI, the aircraft was never completed in the 'fighter' form, as the mission was changed to reconnaissance, the aircraft then becoming the M-17.

  • Some Myasishchev mysteries some of you might be able to solve.

    I'm looking for inhouse "VM-" and "M-" project designations and pictures (however small) of the following (some might be Molniya, not Myasishchev, but it's sometimes hard to differentiate them).

Older projects:

  • Pe-2A design for Petlyakov.
  • Pe-4/Pe-4A design for Petlyakov.
  • Pe-8 design for Petlyakov.
  • DVB-402 Long-range bomber project.
  • LK-1 six-engine development of DVB-402 project.
  • M-2 (1M) heavy strategic bomber project with swept high-wing, swept tail and bicycle chassis.
  • BTC/BOR-5 Космос (Space) suborbital test of 1/8 scale model of Buran.

More recent projects:

  • Сириус (Sirius) wide-body regional aircraft project.
  • ЯМАЛ-6 (Yamal-6) amphibian project derived from the M-72.
  • Циклоп (Cyclops) project, preceded the Molniya-1 aircraft.
  • Триплан (Triplane) project with V-shaped tail and a forward horizontal empennage, preceded the M-101T.
  • Спасатель (Rescuer) project of auto-crane with 150-meter boom equipped with the multipurpose working unit.
  • Иртыш (Irtysh) general aviation project, no detail.
  • Надежда (Hope) general aviation project, no detail.
  • Ганимед (Ganymede) safe landing container.
  • Горгона (Gorgon) 2006 sea landing container project.

And for these, only the designation if someone has it:

  • Орел (Eagle) 1970s experimental UAV project with full-scale mock-up built (NOT the M-62).
  • M-17RP
  • M-17RP2
  • Бриз (Breeze) projected VIP staff transport.
  • АКС-ВМТ (AKS-VMT) aerospace system.
Finally, a dubious designation that needs confirmation:

A-209 light multi-purpose aircraft project.

Thanks for any help, however small!


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A few of Myasishchev's later designs.
Illustrations are by Josef Gatial.
pictures are © Arkhiv Avico Press.


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    later designs.jpg
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I'm not seeing the Myasishchev VS-80 or VS-90 projects in these lists. Have I missed them?
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