Mirage 4000

I agree with you! They are longer, thinner and more pointed tanks than the ones seen on the Mirage 4000. They may have the same capacity (2,500), but the shape is different!
I really appreciate your kind response!
I found information regarding the tanks of the Mirage IV; these are 2,500 liter RP-20s and were only used by the Mirage IV. (IVA and IVP)
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A Spanish toy maker produced this roughly 1/200 scale version of the Super Mirage.. Images from a Spanish website.
Examples still appear on Ebay


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If we combine all of these photos, it should mean that the theorical max air to air load (fox 1 and 2 only, no 3) was 6 Magic and 4 Super 530 (I assumed the "long range missiles" on the 5th picture were Super 530). With room to spare for various pods and jammers. Truely a beast.


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We Brits tend to dwell on TSR2 etc but France has flown some exciting prototypes over the years. The bonkers Mirage III vstol, the Mirage G swing wing and biggest of all, the Mirage 4000. One might add the Jaguar M maritime combat aircraft which could have kept Hermes in service!
Very, very good news friends. I will publish a book on Mirage 4000. 130 pages with Skyshlef.eu. End of june. Enjoy !
It will not be a Docavia-Larivière book ?

Edit after consulting the webpages of skyshelf.eu: Will there be a printed version ?

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Any idea of when the English language version will be available?
It's now on my wishlist! Any signed copies available for SPF members or "pour un Belge fan de Delta" ? :D
What are the odds of seeing an English-language edition?
I plan of buying it as soon as it comes out in English and if it doesn’t I’ll buy it an play the google lense game.

I’m curious about what kinda dog fighter the big boy mirage was. It had more thrust than the 2000 but was substantially heavier so I can see it either way. I’ve seen it mentioned as a Franco strike Eagle to the the ACF Eagle but I have nothing to really go on. I see a preview page on the RDM they were looking to build which is exciting!
The latest issue of The Aviation Historian has a good article on the Mirage 4000.

The latest issue of The Aviation Historian has a good article on the Mirage 4000.

I love English people when sometime they try to imitate us the Frenchies ! But when Frenchies saw the Mirage 4000, they said as me at Le Bourget "WAAAAOOO ...", not a little "Oooh-la-la" ... as Marylin Monroe when she sang with Yves Montand ... ;)

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