Mikoyan Product 301 and 321 hypersonic aircraft


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5 January 2006
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Mikoyan Product 301/321

Wingspan: 12.5/29.0 m
Length: 40 m
Wing Area: 110 m2
Normal TO Weight: 75,000 kg
Maximum TO Weight: 90,000 kg
Fuel Load: 40,000 kg
Maximum Speed: 4,500 km/h
Ceiling: 37,000 m
Maximum Range: 6,000 km
Engines: Two turboramjets of 295 kN each

Mikoyan started design work on the Product 301/321 reconnaissance/bomber aircraft and the MiG-2000 single-stage to orbit vehicle in the mid-1980s. The Product 301/321 was to be constructed mainly of steel and titanium and powered by two turboramjet engines using non-cryogenic propellants. The Product 301 would have been a reconnaissance aircraft with ELINT and SLAR equipment and the Product 321 a bomber armed with four long-range air-to-ground missiles in internal weapon bays. First flight was originally planned for the late 1990s.

Attached are a three-view by Piotr Butowski, three-view by paralay, painting by paralay, and a scale model whose origin I hope someone over here could confirm. :)


  • Brassey's World Aircraft & Systems Directory 1996/97
  • http://paralay.narod.ru/301.html (in Russian)
  • http://www.testpilot.ru/russia/mikoyan/301/mig301.htm (in Russian)


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Oh, and does the Secret Projects: Bombers book have anything significant to add to the above?

Note that the aircraft dimensions above are just a rough estimation from paralay's site - I haven't seen official figures anywhere.
Somebody have data about this plane.


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Hypersonic interceptor/bomber.

During 1975-1989 under direction of N.Z.Matjuka development of a hypersonic airplane on hydrocarbonic fuel was conducted.
There has passed successful protection of preliminary designs two various to destination versions of a product, and on two alternative versions reports have been presented.
Under direction of the assistant to chief designer P.A.Shustera the аван-project of an airplane on which two kinds of fuel (hydrogen — on high speeds, kerosene — on low) were applied prepared.
It is known at least about two themes:
- Hypersonic interceptor/bomber 301/321;
- Orbiter MiG-2000;
The information on an airplane 301/321 is extremely poor, the machine continues a line of development МиГ-25П/Р.
In 1997 КБ the MiG was declared protection of the project of a hypersonic airplane with the maximal speed more than 5000 km/h.
It was planned, that the airplane will exist in two versions: the scout/bomber with rockets a class "air-surface", placed in a compartment of the arms equipped by means of electronic reconnaissance and radars of a sideways view and an interceptor.
The first flight could be accomplished not earlier the end of the ninetieth years.

Length of 40.0 m
Scope of 12.5/29.0 m
Wing area 110 кв.м
The maximal takeoff weight of 90000 kg
Normal takeoff weight of 75000 kg
Engines 2 * 30000 кгс
The maximal speed of 5300 km/h
Cruiser speed 4250 Km/h (М=4) at the altitude 25-27 km
Service ceiling of 37000 m
Range maximal 5000 - 7000 km

Two pictures published in 1998 in the Serbian Aero Magazin. I do not read Serb but the article talks of a MiG "I-2000" and a MiG "301".


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Its kind of understandable for me. Few points:

- structure made of welded steel
- two engines: jet engine (for Mach 3,5) and scramjet (above Mach 3,5)
- cruise speed around Mach 4 at 25 - 30 km
- TOW 80 t, half of that is fuel
- two versions: first for electronic reconnaissance and SLAR, second with air - to - ground long range missiles carried internally
Thanks Matej. I still can't figure out which of the two designs is the I-2000 and which is the "301". I would have thought I-2000 was the top one, but the info published in this topic seems to indicate otherwise...
I-2000 references...



http://www.centurychina.com/plaboard/uploads/Vityaz_2000_-_page1.jpg (I have a scan of the full article)
Thanks! So depending on the sources the Russian/Iranian Mukhamedov I-2000 (the lower design in my scan) is either Mikoyan-related or it's not... ::)
Info that I posted is only part of the article, related to izdelije 301 (top picture). Regarding the bottom picture... well, that is a complicated story. There was a long discussion to who belongs this specific two engined design and article adds nothing new to solve it. It has clearly solutions from Mukhamedov and considering that in late 90s he visited a lot of Russian aircraft manufacturers, (MiG, Sukhoi, Myasischev), it can or can not be the MiG design or it is simply only artist's impression.
The article says that first version of 301 was to be reconnaissance, with appropriate equipment while the other one should have been bomber. The bomber version has rockets inside the fuselage.
I-2000 is light, multi role aircraft, Russian answer to Joint Strike Fighter, the designation is for the lower picture.

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