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17 February 2006
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Is there anyone of the memebers who ever have seen
information or illustrations of the
Shukanov " Koltseplan".

This was a single engined V-STOL fighter ? project of 1943 with a
ring wing (not a disc).
Models should have been tested in the MAI windtunnel.
Be very carefull during the search about Sukhanov's projects, because there is a lot of propaganda and mistakes around them.
Paul, it was not a VTOL project, just a STOL design. Its roots date back to 1936, when M. Sukhanov was a student. The 'Koltseplan' was the topic of his dissertation. The ring wing has a diameter of 3 m, estimated maximum speed had to be 600 km/h, enabled by a 800 hp Hispano-Suiza engine. Beginning in 1940 the VVS supported the research work. B. N. Yuryev (at this time at the TsAGI), N. N. Polikarpov and other engineers helped him during different stages of development. At the end (1943?) the following characteristics were given:

Take-off weight : 2,500 kg
One engine M-82A with 1,600 hp
Diameter of the ring wing : 3 m
(lifting) wing area : 10,5 m²
Chord of the wing pylons : 1,1 m
Coaxial airscrews of 3 m diameter
Maximum speed (estimated) : 740 km/h
Speed at 3,000 m : 640 km/h

There is a little bit more described in Makarov's book "Letatyelnyye apparaty MAI" (Moscow, 1994, ISBN 5-7035-0161-X). Sorry Paul, but I have not enough spare time at the moment to translate the paragraphs. Check your mailbox (you too, Matej).


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Thanks a lot Thomas..Saturdaynight fever is already coming up :)
Hi friends,

Does anyone have a 3 view of this amazing project or more drawings?

Last one is NIIPM MTVKA-U Aerosplace Plane aka 'Rossiya'
Sukhanov was a very good object for soviet propaganda. There were official stories, that they are looking for antigravity propulsion (!!!) for his wooden discs :D ;D :D


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For Matej collection...But actually, this drawing has nothing Sukhanov-related. Just a cover pic.


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Hello, I am new in the group.

I have found very little data on two other Russian flying disk aircraft but I don't think they are related to Shukanov.
The first is a floatplane with a small pusher propeller (copy of photo herewith).
The second was an experimental glider designed by the MAI (and/or a certain A.V. Grevyatsky) in the 70's.
Any more detailed information available?



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sferrin said:
That's not a blended wing body.

Shrug. A number of sources called it and similar designs exactly that. The "Integrated Wing Body" vehicle had an A-380-style fuselage, true, but it was married to a clunky BWB-style wing with passengers in it. Imagine if someone had sawed a Boeing BWB down the middle and stuck a regular fuselage in there.

Some images, for those few of you who are actually interested in such (including a set of drawings created by yours truly, and included in issue V1N3 of the new Aerospace Projects Review. Issues still available...)


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True but I'd think the term "blended wing body" means it's got a blended wing body. ;) Slapping a wing, regardless of it's shape, on a tubular body would seem to not qualify IMO.
I think that Sukhanov model is missing a pair of engines, or is expecting some military upgrades...
M.V.Sukhanov's 'Diskoplan' experimental glider (1950) in Monino Air Force museum exposition.


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Another weird stuff hidden behind Ilya Murometz bomber. Didn't have a time or wish to bark with security babushkas', cross the fence and shoot it from the other angles...


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Another weird stuff hidden behind Ilya Murometz bomber. Didn't have a time or wish to bark with security babushkas', cross the fence and shoot it from the other angles......

Was at Monino yesterday and obtain the authorisation from the security staff...

But what is this aircraft?
Was it also a creation of Sukhanov?
I will be very, very interested to know what was the purpose of that design and up to where and by whom the project has been conducted, and when and why it has been stopped.

Thanks in advance,


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Justo Miranda said:
Radial folding wings ?
It seems to be linked to some space project, but I am not really sure.
Posted by: Retrofit
“Cosmic glider” by Sukhanov (1979)
This project must was be used for evacuation of the crews of the spaceships from orbit.
Particularity :eek:f the discoplan - laying all things out like fan (fan-out) wing and opening X- figurative tail
. Descent from orbit flying disk made in built type inwardly cylindrical capsule. (On photo’s model disco-plan is installed on her)
Sorry for its english and bad quality of the picture from old newspaper.
Same information in book V.& M. Kozyrev’s “Handmade UFO” p.209


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Thread necrophilia, I know, but I have to ask, does anyone have any more info on or images of this design? Do any of our Russian-speaking friends have the book quoted as a source for info on aircraft designed at the Moscow Aviation Institute? I'd love to get a copy of that one and I don't even speak Russian.

'Letatelnie Apparati MAI'
Yu.V. Makarov
Isdatelstvo MAI, 1994 ISBN: 570350161X
From "Encyclopedie des chasseurs sovietiques 1939-51"
by Herbert LEONARD
Histoire & Collections ed.


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Thanks very much for this!

I am guessing fixed landing gear, but I can't tell from the pic. The text says the landing gear is "almost classic" (meaning conventional) but that's not telling much.

I find this intriguing, using an annular wing in this way. It opens up some interesting possibilities in terms of maneuverability--for example, the aircraft ought to be able to make a hard turn without rolling using the left and right sides of the ring as the wing and the rudder serving as an elevator. The pilot better be well strapped in. ;-)

Any idea on the airfoil? The simplest would be to have a symmetrical airfoil all the way around, but there could be an argument for normal cambered airfoil in the bottom and top arcs (10:30-1:30, 4:30-7:30) with a transition via a symmetrical airfoil in the left and right arcs.

I find it odd that the prop is the same diameter as the wing. I would think that the prop should be a little smaller than the wing (to get the wing out of the slipstream and reduce drag) or a little larger (to make sure the wing remains entirely within the slipstream and improve STOL performance).

Anyone else have any more information or sketches, maybe a three-view?
It seems to be that two designers with the name Sukhanov are mixed up here...
I came across this interesting piece in an old gliding magazine about flying a M.V. Sukhanov glider.

The photo is the same as the second image from Hesham in his reply #5.

The article is dated from 1964-5.


Sailplane & Gliding Magazine Vol 16 No 1

(thanks to colleague Kev N. for lending it to me!)


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From Air Pictorial 12/1957,

was that a Sukhanov design ?.


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Bartini "kolzeplan" - one of T-217 variants.
From forthcoming book "Bartini and his projects 1946-1952" by Konstantin Udalov and Marek Rys


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