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Not really sure if these belonged in any existing topic?!

Updated picture for better one. 18/4/24


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In the lower picture of that article, the plane at the top was featured in Dennis R Jenkins' SPACE SHUTTLE book as one of the Aerospaceplane proposals.
I can't make this picture to be clear,it was Marquardt scramjet design.


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hesham said:
I can't make this picture to be clear,it was Marquardt scramjet design.

Wow. Looked a great deal like the would-be Aurora that some sensationalistic aviation writer tried to feed us with 15 years ago...
Maybe the SP member who saw the bloody thing can tell us if he'd seen any concepts like that before 1989...
Guys, these are both really old artist concepts.

The first is in pretty good form, but I've seen several different versions of it going
way back. Also, there are similar designs in old SAE and AIAA papers from
other aerospace companies going back to the 50's and 60's.

And the second, that someone wants to assert is what motivated certain authors
to give us "Aurora", was offered for sale on eBay not that long ago.

I will give you some photos of some of the murals/logos that used to be at
(maybe still are) Marqardt that show similar concepts. Unfortunately they are small.

Also Marquardt had a company magazine that featured these concepts from time to time, back in the 1950's,1960's, ... ? as well. As I recall, it was called "REMARQ",
or some such.

I have a very nice blow up of a Marquardt scramjet concept that I had blown up
and framed that was different from all of these. Let me see if I can find the
small version of it to post here.


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"Maybe the SP member who saw the bloody thing can tell us if he'd seen any concepts like that before 1989..."

Nope, never saw anything like that until a Janes cutting plopped through my letterbox and an article in Air Forces Monthly - must've been late 91, early 92. (currently offshore, so can't check my files.)

Such things were of little or no interest to me back then, only current stuff.

Back home now, so can check the files.

First documentation I saw of a possible link between a hypersonic aircraft and the black delta was a cutting from Jane's Defence Weekly dated 29th Feb 1992, sent to me by Pete Edwards. I probably picked it up when I got home in late March of that year. Given that the report stated that there was something triggering seismometers, another geologist and I started to look for such things. He went to the states for a sniff around and came back with the response "Nowt in the States, but it's happening here." Prior to the end of 1991, I had little or no interest in "mystery types".

Prior to this the only shape that matched in the books I had at home and in my aviation reference library (the Midland Counties Publishing shop in Hinckley) was the HP.115.

So the answer to the original question is "No."

Anther unknown Marquardt scramjet design;


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hesham said:
I can't make this picture to be clear,it was Marquardt scramjet design.

Here is a Marquardt Scramjet powered Hypersonic project in clearer view.


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hesham said:
Anther unknown Marquardt scramjet design;

Here is the Marquardt scramjet concept;


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From Air Force 1953,

was that a real flying target or even Project by this company,or just advertising ?.


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Via the General Dynamics/Convair hypersonic transport designs thread (h/t blackkite):


Mentions both the scramjet that was developed and tested for the Air Force's Low Altitude Supersonic Vehicle (LASV) and the hydrogen powered Ejector Ramjet developed for the HST program as well as USAF applications.
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By chance does anyone have a copy of this Marqardt history:

Trying to learn more about the RJ43 as used on the Lockheed X-7 and later on the Boeing CIM-10 Bomarc. Looking for dimensioned drawings for the RJ43 - the X-7 in the Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Museum's collection has, of all things, a Westinghouse J-34 with sheetmetal work in to and out of the J34 casing to represent a RJ43. Looking at how to create a more representative example of the RJ43 for display on the X-7.

Thanks! Mark

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