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11 March 2006
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In the aviation world Ivan Makhonine is quite well known for his designs with
telescopic wings, but he made VTOL designs on the basis of a stowable, but
not foldable rotor, too. One of them, obviously jet driven, is shown in this very
blurred picture.
Anybody, who has some additional informations ?


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Whilst I am not sure about Ivan Makhonine, I do have these similar concepts from Lockheed and the US Army:




Yes, I think, I've seen them before in an old issue of the Aviation Week. Not sure in the
moment, but I think they are Sikorsky designs, will have to look up this evening.
I still have two other drawings of Makhonine VTOL designs, using the same principle of
the non-foldable stowable rotor, but these are more or less just basic principle sketches.
Interestingly there is a fictitious(?) 'XV ??A' designation on the fuselage. Any comments?


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The 'highest' XV-... number I remember for the moment was the XV-15 by Bell. Who does outbid me ;) ?
Thanks (Andreas Parsch too for his excellent job). I have forgotten to check the other topics first - sorry.
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this is a proof to what I discovered before,there was two designers,Yvan Makhonine and Jean Markhonine,no relationship
between them,
I fear that you may have been misled by the vagaries of language, my dear hesham. "Ivan" is just the English transliteration or Иван or Iван in Russian. "Yvan" seems to be a popular variation in some other languages which use the Latin alphabet. But they all also translate as "Jean".
Here is a link to a US patent, which I give because it is for Ivan's telescopic wing but is in the name of Jean:
Of course, it is always possible that Jean patented his namesake's invention in the US, but I would be surprised if this was the case.
It's the same guy. According the French wiki, he emigrated from Russia to France in 1921, and the article mentions him as Ivan, Yvan AND Jean. Ivan is Russian form of the name John. Both French and Russian wiki also mentions the Patent no. 2550278 .

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