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31 May 2009
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I've put various posts up per questions I've had in regards to building my 1/144 scale models. I really appreciate all of the links/answers many of you have provided. I have plans this summer to build a 1/144 A-12 with the drone, the M-21. I will use the LSI version of the SR-71 and convert it, and, unless I can grab Kiwi models drone (he sold off his business), I'll make one from scratch.

I like to use books as reference because I can set the on my hobby bench to use as a guide, especially when carving aircraft from blocks of plastic. The only book that I have is an outdated Squadron "In Action" which was published before the plane was declassified. Any researchers out there have any recommendations on a book with good photos and 3-views (especially for the drone)?

I've done some searching online in the past and have found some decent photos, but I also like to read the history of the aircraft, as well, which is why I like the books. Thanks!
I'd definitely recommend the Jay Miller Aerofax on the SR-71 family, because it specifically has drawings of the A-12 nose profile and shows how it differed from the SR-71. The history is pretty good, too. It may be out of print, but it's definitely worth the effort looking for a copy.

If A-12 drawings are the only thing you're looking for, I'm sure that Scott would love to assist :)
Specifically, "Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family" by James Goodall and Jay Miller, 2002.

Great book.

Thanks a bunch for the reference. I picked it up on e-bay today.

- Jim
There's also this:

Lockheed Blackbirds, Anthony M. Thornborough and Peter E. Davies, 1988 (Motorbooks, I think)

It has some great large three-views.
Sean, it was a first Blackbird book I've ever got. Really only good un-official scale drawings I've seen.
Thanks for the references. Just in case like me someone else is looking for M-12/D-21 references and comes across this thread, thought I should cross refer to this other post from another thread:

XB-70 Guy said:
Back in 2004 when Crowood of the U.K. published my book LOCKHEED SR-71 BLACKBIRD, I devoted a whole chapter to the M-12/D-21 air vehicles. However, suffering from a "Grand Illusion," I erroniously called them M-21/D-21. Apparently I was wrong because today I believe the M-12 and D-21 designations are the correct designations.

Lots of good M-12/D-21 pictures in the thread too.

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