Junkers Ju 85/88/188/388 & 488 - Projects, Prototypes and Variants


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26 May 2006
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A really picture to Junkers EF-131 six engined jet bomber,and a drawing to


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Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

Hi guys,

from "German Aircraft of the Second World War", by Smith/Kay, 1972, page 339:
Several advanced studies were made for coupling the armoured cockpit of the Hs 129 to other airframes. One project was to have combined the Hs 129 cockpit with a Ju 188 airframe having Jumo 222 engines

I`ve searched in my copy of "Hugo Junkers. Pionier der Luftfahrt - seine Flugzeuge", by Wolfgang Wagner, without success. Does anyone knows more about this would-be long range AT aircraft?
Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

"One project was to have combined the Hs 129 cockpit with a Ju 188 airframe"

Should this be taken literally ? Although fitting a new nose section to the Ju 88/188 fuselage
may have been easier, than to other types (as the Mistel variants showed), the cross sections
of the Hs 129 and Ju 188 fuselages were quite different with regards to dimensions and shape.
So I would think of this project of a Ju 188 fuselage with a single seat, heavily armoured cockpit,
maybe looking similar to the Hs 129, but not really using existing hardware. ???


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Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

Hi Jens,

thanks for your reply.
Definetelly the more practical solution would be mating the Hs 129 cockpit with the Ju 188 airframe. Unfortunatelly the book ( which is still a reference work ) does not give a date ( that could have give us more hints ) to that proposed project, but it clearly states "a Ju 188 airframe with Jumo 222 engines". Although a purelly and original Henschel project would be great, it was most probably a collaboration between the two firms. Junkers did that with Argus, Fieseler with Skoda-Kauba, Messerschmitt with Zeppelin...
Excellent rendering of the would-be appearance of this "bird".
Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

As an afterthought, it came to my mind, that probably you are right and I am wrong,
because combining the cockpit of the HS 129 with the Ju 188 not necessarily means,
that the whole nose would be used ! So it could have been a kind of a Ju 188 fuselage,
maybe with a nose similar to the Ju 88C or R, but the single seat armoured cockpit of
the Hs 129.


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Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

Hi everybody

Thanks for the drawing ! BTW Another interesting HS-129 project.
HS-129 cockpit + Gotha/Horten 229 airframe + one Jumo 213 as a pusher.

Many greetings
Ju388 drawings?

Hi all.

If I might ask for help please?

I'm currently searching for good scale drawings of the Junkers Ju388 (glass nose) and would be very grateful for any help or pointing me in the right direction.
I've searched the internet but have not found anything at a high enough resolution to see clearly. :eek:

Many thanks for any help.

Re: Ju388 drawings?

From 'Hugo Junkers - Pionier der Luftfahrt' by Wolfgang Wagner, Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1996. Check your PM.


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Re: Ju388 drawings?

Here is the cockpit of the 288 hope this can help you or the cockpit ju 388


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Re: Ju388 drawings?

There was a three-part article about the Ju 388 in Jet & Prop 1991, which had
to my opinion good drawings, see below, although they are over the center fold
and punched. Could send you a high-res scan tomorrow,if you're interested.


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Re: Ju388 drawings?

Thank you very much.
Truly appreciate all of this.

Re: Ju388 drawings?

Here's a more than interesting, funny and fine "WIP" tread at the ARC-forum:


... maybe you could contact him if he has something that might help.

Cheers, Deino
Re: Ju388 drawings?

Flitzer, I've lost my link to your brilliant website - could you possibly let me know what it is again? My Google-fu is weak today and I can't seem to find it...
Re: Ju388 drawings?

What a surprising drawings these are!!! :eek:
Please share us He219 drawings,too.
Re: Ju388 drawings?

Start a new topic, watch what happens :)
Re: Ju388 drawings?

Many thanks to all.
Amazing set of people you all are.
Can't thank you enough.

Blackkite, Arjen's advice is good. Should pull some great references.

Nick. Unfortunately my web site is dead, which is why you couldn't find it.
I started it when I was in Saudi and one of the in-house IT/Web mechanics set it up and ran it for me, with me doing the design and layouts.
Since coming back to UK, he left my old company for places unknown and he had all the codes for me to continue updating it. So it sort of expired. :(

I keep promising myself I should do another one, but I'm a bit of a dunce doing the technical bit. When I get time I will try and get a new one up and running, after all I have enough profiles to keep it fresh lol. :D

Re: Ju388 drawings?

Flitzer, I agree with Loren, your work brings the unbuilt aircraft we find so fascinating to life.
Just a crazy thought, but why couldn't this forum host them? Perhaps in a thread that is 'stickied' to the top of the list? Just a suggestion.
Re: Ju388 drawings?

I like the idea Nick but maybe the site has enough to worry about. I will still add profiles to the threads anyway.

Spesking of which. I have an in-progress pic.
I also have the top view keylined but it needs a bit of a tidy-up before making the shade masks.

Best regards


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Re: Ju388 drawings?

A little further.


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Re: Ju388 drawings?

Intereristing photos, any idea how authentic the colour scheme then still was ? The swastika and "Balkenkreuz"
under the wing definitely was painted post war and the different colours of the bomb bay and around the Tally on
the fuselage side, compared to the rest of the aircraft are conspicous.
Re: Ju388 drawings?

From an old issue of Krylia Rodine (I think):


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Re: Ju388 drawings?



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Re: Ju388 drawings?

Back to the photos linked by fightingirish, I think now, that the Balkenkreuze on the fuselage sides were painted on
after the war, too, as the other markings, as in most casese they were simplified during that time, a shown on the
drawings and model photos posted by Justo. Could (!) mean, that the ligt grey of the undersides is more authentic,
than the light blue of the fuselage, where the Balkenkreuz is.

here is the Junkers Ju-488.


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The Ju 488 was a kind of "kit plane", utilising many components of the Ju 388 and 188,
and it actually reached the prototype stage, although it was never finished.

And again, to all of you, please mention your sources, especially when posting drawings
or photos !
OK my dear Jemiba,

the source is the book; Bernard & Graefe Verlag- Vom Original Zum Modell-Junkers
hi Hesham

From "le fana de l aviation"


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always the same


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from the book; Junkersflugzeuge 1933-1945,here is some drawings to a gun
positions in a projected versions of Junkers Ju-290,Ju-188,Ju-390 and Ju-188.


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here is a drawing to Junkers Ju-88G-6 with Jumo 226 ramjet engine.

Flugzeug classic 3/2003


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Thanks Hesham. The caption say "Pulso-Schubrohr". So, the Jumo 226 (intended for the production-version EF 126 Miniaturjäger) was pulse jet not a ram jet.

The Ju-88G/Jumo 226 trials were done post-war by the Soviets.
Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

moin1900 said:
HS-129 cockpit + Gotha/Horten 229 airframe + one Jumo 213 as a pusher.

My initial reaction t this description is to assume it is fake. However, it could be something like a misinterpreted drawing (or least likely - actually a joint Gotha/Hs-129 project - stranger things did happen in the last few months of the war).
Re: Junkers/Henschel Schlachtflugzeug

A question that has been bothering me:

There are references around the web to a Hs-129D powered by engines which are seemingly far too powerful, heavy, and large in frontal cross-section (e.g. BMW801) to fit the existing airframe.

I was wondering if anyone knew if such a designation actually refers to the aircraft in this thread? It is hard to see it working out otherwise.

It would also make the Hs-129C the last variant of that airframe studied (reuse of cockpits aside).

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