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3 January 2006
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It appears that the "Type 2000" submarine was first proposed to the USN during the Ford Administration when there was a degree of interest in conventionally powered patrol subs for the mid-Atlantic ASW mission. Nearly a decade later, the design was offered to Australia, where it was apparently the preferred bid, losing only to a far less developed Kockums proposal. Most recently, in 2001, the design was apparently offered to Taiwan.

Here is a diagram:

http://books.google.com/books?id=e-...nepage&q="german type 2000 submarine"&f=false

I will attempt to find a cutaway diagram and further information.

Does any have any addition information on this program?


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Source: "The encyclopedia of U-boats: from 1904 to the present," by Eberhardt Moller and Werner Brack.

This books refers to the IKL/HDW offering to the USN as "Design 2000," which might simply be a transliteration. Apparently the main propulsion motor was of 7,360kw capacity and derived from the 6,600kw motor used in the TR-1700 class.

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