FWD: Business end of a Blackbird

And when you take it (the business end) out of the D, it looks like this !

Back in Aug 2006, the Seattle Museum of Flight (SMOF) crew
took the RJ-43 out of their D-21.

Jim Goodall (who works in the SMOF facility) sent out a bunch of
photos of this effort. I include a few here, without his permission,
because the mail he sent around didn't forbid anyone from doing
that and since we are all airplane freaks, I don't think he'd mind.
So these photos are courtesy of the Great Jim Goodall.

They portray the rather unusual nature of the ramjet installation
in the D-21 (namely the supersonic diffuser is still attached, but
the cowl is gone). I believe the supersonic diffuser is still attached
as the fuel control is in there. So at this point in the D-21 duct,
the flow is subsonic and so the RJ-43's supersonic diffuser is not
needed, but since the fuel control is in there, it is still needed.

I also worked on the restoration of this D and M. SMOF is a GREAT
Museum and I highly recommend it to everyone !!


  • D-21 Motor #10.JPG
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  • D-21 Motor #16.JPG
    D-21 Motor #16.JPG
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This should be of interest (scroll down to "D-21 Ramjet Engine Details" )

is it just me, or does the rear view picture have one of those strange 'in/out' perspective effects, that make your eyes go funny.... :-\

Yes, I know Jerry Miller as well. I met him and his wife at the D-21 Restoration
party at SMOF.

We corresponded for a number of years thereafter.

It's been awhile since I've talked to him however.

He also briefed Jim Goodall on how to remove the ramjet from the D.

These guys are my heroes. They have seen/experienced such cool stuff!!

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