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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

I need help with the Farman Designation Systems. I know 4:
1) Maurice Farman Airplanes ( M.F. )
2) Henri Farman Airplanes ( H.F. )
3) an early F - list with F.60, F.73 and other
4) a later F - list with F.200 Series or F.300 Series

all this Series are not complete, if you have complete lists please let me know... ;D

Servus Maveric
Here are some:

Farman III (1909)
Farman MF.7 Longhorn (1913)
Farman MF.11 Shorthorn (1913)
Farman F.50 - biplane bomber (1918)
Farman F.50 - flying boat (1920s)
Farman F.51 - maritime reconnaissance flying boat (1922)
Farman F.60 Torp - torpedo carrying floatplane version (1920s)
Farman F.60 Goliath bomber/airliner (1919)
Farman F.70 - single engined 6-passenger transport (1920)
Farman F.121 Jabiru - 4-engined airliner (1923)
Farman F.166 - torpedo bomber floatplane (1928)
Farman F.167 - torpedo bomber floatplane (1928)
Farman F.168 - torpedo bomber floatplane (1928)
Farman F.170 Jabiru - single-engined airliner (1925)
Farman F.222 - 2-engined high-wing heavy bomber (1932)
Farman F.223 - 2-engined high-wing heavy bomber (1937)
Farman F.271 - bomber/torpedo bomber floatplane version (1934)
Farman F 402 - high-wing 3-seater utility aircraft (1933)
Farman NC.470 - six-seat trainer and coastal reconnaissance floatplane (1938)
Farman NC.471 - six-seat trainer and coastal reconnaissance floatplane (1938)
The NC.470 and 471 were in fact built, when Farman and Hanriot had merged to SNCAC
in 1936, so it's a bit doubtful, if they can be seen as Farman aircraft,I think. ???
hi all


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F.410 was a combat scout twin engined seaplane,later became SNCAC NC.410
F.440 was twin engined medium bomber project,intended to compete LeO-45
in B4 or 1934 competition.
F.311 & F.320 probably developed from F.300,as transport aircraft projects.,12572.msg124266.html#msg124266
Hi all,
Here are the tables of Farman aircraft and engines from "Les Avions Farman" by Jean Liron (out of print). They include the named unbuilt projects.


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I forgot to attach the engine table.


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From Onera archive,

what was those designations,please notice the years ?.


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... what was those designations,please notice the years ?.

Good question. Odd designations which, by 1939-40 should at least have had 'NC' prefixes.

And why S.G.F.Aé ? It looks something like 'Société Générale de Farman Aéronautique'. Was that ever a thing? And it is too early to be anticipating the Société Anonyme des Usines Farman.

If these were casual references to the SNCAC Billancourt facility, surely ONERA would have just listed it as 'Avions Farman'.
From Onera archive,

what was those designations,please notice the years ?.

And may the FA 200 glider was the same aircraft of early 1920,or developed from it?!.

And may the FA 200 glider was the same aircraft of early 1920,or developed from it?!.

Yeah, I had wondered about an engineless variant of the early '30s tourer which reused that number. But that raises two questions:

1 - That tourer was designated F.200. Why would a glider derivative be designated FA 200 rather than, say, F.210 (the powered tourers having 'filled up' the F.200-to-F.209 designation slots).

2 - Ignoring that designation conundrum, assume that the engine of the F.20x series is replaced by a third crew position in a glider. What possible purpose could such an ungainly glider have served in 1939 France?
Dear Apophenia,

I meant this one.


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