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27 September 2006
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I will try this thread and hope I do not unleash any speculative arguments about
whether these designs should have been built or not. My sole interest is in finding
out what they would have looked like based either on anyone's experience, sources
or shipbucket.

Escort Cruiser

In July 1962 the RN was coming close to ordering a 10,000 ton Escort Cruiser
able to carry at least 4 Chinook helicopters, and armed with two Seadart launchers
and 1 Ikara launcher. The RN hoped to order at least 4 of these ships, but was forced instead
to order the Tiger class conversions instead. No drawings of these ships appear in any book.

At the same time the RN looked at the cheaper alternative of a Type 82 helicopter version, also
able to ship 4 Chinook helicopters. This idea re-surfaced in 1966. No drawings of this ship exist.

Commando Ship

From 1959 onwards the RN wanted Commando carriers or as we now call them LPHs (Helicopter
carriers). Initially it was though the old Leviathan could be converted, but later Albion and Bulwark
were chosen, with Centaur as a possible third ship. Looking further ahead the RN looked at a Commando role for the CVA 01 and the Escort Cruiser but also flirted with a ship similar to the US Iwo Jima class (a drawing of this appears in Brown/Moore Rebuilding the Royal Navy). After 1966 the idea of a new Commando ship disappears, but Hermes is then converted in the 70s to replace Albion.
It is interesting to note that HMS Ocean is similar in some ways to the Invincible class (themselves
derived from the original Escort Cruiser design).

Like I say, I not interested in whether these could have or should have been built, but I am interested
to find anyone who knows what sort of deigns were looked at.

Finally, although the Fearless Landing ships seem to have been the final word on the subject, it would
be interesting to know what sort of designs if any were looked at as their possible successors or additional ships.

Appreciate that this may not be of interest to many. Please do not use this thread for anything other
than ships drawings or appearance comments.

UK 75
Very kind of you. But this excellent book does not in fact provide any of the drawings I am still looking for.

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