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  1. F

    Daedalus Flight Pack

    The Royal Marines appear to have become early adopters of the Daedalus flight pack. View:
  2. Grey Havoc

    Naval Amphibious Craft Tracked eXperimental (NACT X)

  3. uk 75

    Rearming the UK: What equipment? and how much?

    The usual crew of retired military and political types are warning that the UK is not able to meet its defence requirements with the present budget and kit. Given the collective expertise on this board what advice would you give the Prime Minister who takes over in May after the election? I...
  4. J

    SARO P.108 Lifeboat and P.147 Sea Raider glider concepts ...

    SARO projects for rescue lifeboat and Sea Raider commando attack gliders. Descriptions and small 3-views from Tagg-Wheeler From Sea to Air; larger drawings from Wheeler From River to Sea. P.108 1949 Two versions of a glider, the hull of which detached to serve as a lifeboat. The Mk.II version...
  5. Triton

    Vickers Armstrong Hovercraft Designs

    Artist's impression of Vickers Armstrong VA-4. 115 ton concept hovercraft - intended to carry about 500 passengers or 140 passengers plus 28 cars at 65 kts. At the time seen as direct competition to the Saunders-Roe SR-N4 hovercraft. Source:
  6. uk 75

    Precursors to HMS Ocean

    An earlier thread by me on amphibious shipping got well and truly trashed into a discussion on the merits of the Scimitar! Never mind, here goes, this is purely for info. I found a cutting from an old Maritime Naval mag in the 80s which showed a Swan Hunter design for a LPH looking like a...
  7. Triton

    SRN4 Hovercraft concepts

    SRN4 Hovercraft concepts Source:
  8. uk 75

    Drawings of unbuilt 1960s RN ships

    I will try this thread and hope I do not unleash any speculative arguments about whether these designs should have been built or not. My sole interest is in finding out what they would have looked like based either on anyone's experience, sources or shipbucket. Escort Cruiser In July 1962 the...
  9. uk 75

    Royal Navy Amphibious shipping in the 1960s

    As is well known the Royal Navy built up a decent force of new and converted amphibious ships in the 1960s based on the converted carriers Bulwark and Albion, the two Fearless class LPDs and the Sir Lancelot class LSTs. Mention, however, is made in some sources of proposals to build additional...
  10. uk 75

    Royal Navy Commando Carrier replacement 1960s

    In the 1960s the RN considered ordering up to six purpose built Commando/ASW carriers to replace the Albion and Bulwark conversions. It is a pity that the RN's focus on trying to keep its fixed wing aircraft carriers stood in the way of this programme as a decent design emerging in the second...