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Dassault Mach 3 Mirage fighter projects


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May 31, 2007
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The First Developments and Applications (1945 to 1970)

· French achievements (more than 200 flight tests) :
o ONERA Stataltex : M=5 at 25000 m (1965), M=3,8 at 39000 m https://archive.org/details/nasa_techdoc_19670008070/page/n12
o Arsenal (>> SFECMAS >> Nord Aviation >> Aerospatiale >> EADS) and
SNCASE (>> Sud Aviation >> Aerospatiale >> EADS)
SE 4400 : M=3,7 at 22000 m (1957) http://www.astronautix.com/s/se4400.html
CT41, M=3 at 23000 m
VEGA, M=4,2 at 25000 m (1961)
o MATRA, Snecma (ST 401, ST 402, ST 407)
o Leduc and Griffon 2 (turboramjet)

Some Poorly Known Achievements
· FR :
o SE X 422 (the first french cruise missile)
o ONERA SCORPION project (M6 missile)

"The French word "statoréacteur" has been created in 1945 by Maurice ROY (before :
"trompes ou tuyères thermopropulsives"). The British adopted "Athodyd"
(AeroTHermODYnamic Duct) before using ramjet. In Germany ramjet has been called
"Lorinflugrohr" or "Staustrahltriebwerke". In SSSR, ramjet was named PVRD."


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