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26 May 2006
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from dear PMN1,and from tgplanes site,the Bristol type 127,128 & 129
projects for the Spec. F7/30.


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As i've said on TGP, the Type 128 looks quite neat.

Anyone know why Bristol went back to a biplane design?
Thread back from the dead.
The easy answer is that they didn't go back to a biplane design, in addition to these projects they were also working on Types 123 and 133, one biplane and one monoplane. Both were built and the 133 monoplane may well have received a production contract had the prototype not been destroyed after entering a flat spin.
Blackkite,what is the relationship between the title and what you sent ?.
Bristol drew up three possible designs to meet F7/30 (the Type 127 and 128 are basically the same aircraft with different engines) powered by either the Air Ministry's favoured R-R Goshawk of the company's own Mercury radial. A high priority in the specification was for the aircraft to provide the pilot with a good field of view and it was suggested that pusher and/or monoplane layouts should be considered. They were also looking for innovation and not just a continuation of existing design philosophy. As a consequence Bristol's simple fixed undercarriage, braced monoplane designs were rejected. The Type 123 biplane, which was hardly original in style, was completely redesigned and approved for construction, although it remained conservative. The all-new Type 133 was then designed as the company's prefered solution to the specification, and constructed as a private venture. It probably came closest to what the Air Ministry were hoping for.


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From, Fighter Master Folland and the Gladiators.


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From, Revue_des_forces_aériennes 1932,

here is a tail units for some designs


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in 1918,Bristol designed a six-seat four engines triplane day bomber project,was any
drawing survivor to it ?.
The Type 122 was one of five proposals by Bristol for the G.4/31E specification (General Purpose, Bombing and Torpedo-Carrying Aircraft). The other designs were the Types 120,121,125 and 126.


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also I ask about drawing to Bristol Borzoi,a two-seat single engined biplane
fighter project of 1926,which was intended for Chile ?.

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I was telling hesham recently that all information, even from respected authors, books or websites, needs proof-reading and fact-checking. Here is one example (among many) which I came across today, from the otherwise excellent British Aviation online database. The Type 95 Bagshot prototype is given there as having three engines, although it is evident that it was only a twin-engine plane:

Here is a three-view arrangement of the Bagshot and photos which makes it abundantly clear that the site made a mistake.


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