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4 June 2006
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Groggy on the TGP site has made this post about a Fairey fighter propoal, has anyone got any information on this?


A better Spitfire? For the Battle of Britain

1934/35 Fairey offered to provide a fighter they were building with the Fairey P12 engine with an Oerlikon cannon firing through the spinner plus two, engine mounted machine guns. Would this engine and gun mounting if used by the Spitfire have provided a far superior fighter to the Merlin version with the compromised widely spaced machine guns that was in service for the Battle of Britain?

They also offered to fit the same cannon etc to the proposed Fairey P16 (V16) engine with more power than the Merlin for a lot less weight.

They were claiming that the engine mounted cannon was far superior to a wing mounted weapon?

Would the fire power have increased the bomber toll substantially?
Generally speaking RAF tactics were for Spitfires to engage fighters, leaving the bombers to the slower Hurricanes, though as the Hurricanes were more numerous that division did not always work out.
Look in Tony Buttler's volume British Secret Projects: Fighters & Bombers 1935-1950 or the recently released volume British Secret Projects 3: Fighters 1935-1950 for info about a Fairey fighter design with a Fairey P12 engine.

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