Breguet Light Fighters of the 1000 series


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22 January 2006
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From "Les Avions de Combat Français 1944-1960" by Jean Cuny. Docavia. Editions Lariviere.

From 1952, two tiny twin jet fighters were studied simultaneously at Breguet:

Br.1001 attack fighter

Br.1002 interceptor

The Br.1002 was not favoured by the Armee de l'Air and was rejected from its early development stage.

The Br.1001 went ahead and won the Avion Tactique Léger competition from June 1951.
Two examples were ordered in 1954 plus one more for the Navy. That year the competition name was changed to "Appareil d'assault et chasse à basse altitude" and was transformed into a joint program between the Air Force and Navy.

A single engined version was developed to NATO attack fighter competition. (Br. 1001B)

The twin engined aircraft were redesignated Br.1100 and Br.1100M in 1955 and the single engine variant was redesignated Br.1001.

The Br.1100 first flight toke place in March 1957 but suffered poor performance. Redesign was suggested but it was decided instead to cancel the program at the end of 1957.
The second aircraft, Br 1101 with reinforced structure, was never completed.

The Br.1100M was flown in November 1957 but was also cancelled for the same reasons given by the Air Force.

The Br.1001 Taon was flown in October 1957 against the Dassault Etendard IV and Fiat G91 but the Italian aircraft was selected the winner in January 1958.

In March 1958, a Br.1001 development, the Br.1003 was selected as the French contender for the NATO second generation attack fighter competition. In November 1958 the Br.1003 was matched to a new wing and became the Br.1005. Breguet estimated the first series aircraft to reach operational units from 1962 but NATO second generation program was abandoned in 1959 so Br.1005 was also cancelled.

The naval versions never advanced beyond the drawing board. Br.1003M was a navalised Br.1003 which was in development from May 1958 when the Navy choose the navalised Etendard IV. The Br. 1004 was a single engined (Atar 101) Br.1003M development as a contender to Dassault's Etendard IVM offer but it arrived too late to change the Aéronavale decision.
In LUFTFAHRTTECHNIK .5.58 I've found a drawing of what obviously is a twin
seater version :


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that's for you. This is the Br 1005.

From Docavia. Les Avions de Avions de Combat Français by Jean Cuny.
I strongly recommend any aircraft enthusiast to buy this bible about French Aircraft. :eek:


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pometablava said:
From "Les Avions de Combat Français 1944-1960" by Jean Cuny. Docavia. Editions Lariviere.

Thanks a lot for Your recommendation but are these actually two books ??? … And do You know where I can purchase them from ??? … and at least: is there a similar book for projects later than 1960 ??

Thanks in advance, Deino
I'll answer your first question, there are indeed two books to completely cover the topic (*smile* I should know, I have both). I've never heard, though, of subsequent volumes covering later years.
Hi Deino,

I bought both volumes in Spain, we have here a specialised Aerospace bookshop in Barcelona. You can ask here:

Or try to contact directly the Editor in France:

Editions Larivière-VPC-6, rue Olof Palme-92587 Clichy Cedex

It is the same editor for Le Fana de l'Aviation magazine

This volumes are in the same class as Secret Projects series. A dream come true for the aerospace tech history enthusiast.

I don't know abot similar books covering the subject from 1960 onwards but it would be a priced addition to my book collection ::)

Thank You very much !!!
My dears,

I found also some interceptors projects;such as
Breguet BR.1002 :it was developed from Br.1001 but fitted with two Armstrong-
Siddeley Viper turbojet engines.


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Re: Breguet: the number 1000 series (Br 1001B)

A predecessor of Br 1001 Taon (as we know it) was designated Br 1001B.

Here you have a drawing and some pictures of the type's models that come from "Les Avions Breguet (1940/1971)" by Jean Cuny and Pierre Leyvastre and a photo of a model from an article on Br 1001 Taon published in the "International Air Power Review" Vol. 1 (Summer 2001).

Interestingly in the book there is no information on the Br 1001B except the pictures and their brief captions. All that the IAPR article says on the type is in the caption to the photo attached here. So it remains unclear how the Br 1001B was related to the eventual Taon, esp. what engine it was supposed to use. Obviously it may have been the Orpheus, but I can't say so with absolute certainty.

Note also that there are differences (eg. with respect to the location of the tailplane) between the 3 view drawing and photos of the model.

Perhaps someone else in the forum knows anything on that?



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there is a good articles about this competition appeared in TU magazine,specially Nord,which
submitted a six proposals for this contest.
hesham said:

there is a good articles about this competition appeared in TU magazine,specially Nord,which
submitted a six proposals for this contest.

Hesham, what magazine are you talking about? What is "TU magazine"?
Arjen said:
Le Trait d'Union

Thanks a lot. Never heard of, but seems interesting.
Petrus said:
Arjen said:
Le Trait d'Union

Thanks a lot. Never heard of, but seems interesting.

My dear Petrus,

it has an articles about french aircraft and Projects,from A-Z during the period 1919-1945.
And here you've got drawing of the very early Br 1001 (pre-Taon) light ground attack fighter and Br 1002 light intercepter along with data for both versions (from "Les Avions Breguet (1940/1971)"). Both aircraft were to be almost identical, with an exception of rocket motor and missile armament for the intercepter.



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Another of the Taon


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