BR 1110 Apterion Project -First Pegasus fighter project


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17 March 2007
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Another french project :

The Breguet BR 1100 Apterion

This is the first project with the Bristol BE 53 lift-thrust unit (Michel Wilbault licence). it was a ground attack aircraft. I think it was the first project with the BE 53 (I have april/july 1957).
Breguet study another "Apterion", but the Arméee de l'Air selected the Dassault Mirage V (9 engines, it was a nightmare for the pilots !).

Have you information on the first british BE 53 projects ?


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Looks like the nose is in the middle of the air intake.
Its length probably has something to do with shaping the shock wave.
Breguet 1100 was the second TAON (never remember if it was the single or twin engine variant).
VTOL Breguets were the 1110 ;)
This serie ran from 1110 to 1116, exploring a wide range of concept (including some Harrier "clones") subsonic or supersonic variants.

Basic idea for the Harrier came from Michel wibault in 1956. Its idea was to use a turboprop to drive four ducted propellers. Those propellers tilted in the same way as the Harrier nozzles.
As there was no interest in France, the idea went to Hawker which replaced the Orion turboprop and propelelrs by a Pegasus and 4 nozzles (two for cold air, two for hot gases, on the rear).

I never saw this topic before,amazing project MIRAGE 4000.
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