Boeing Model 908-535 VATOL fighter revisited

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12 October 2006
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Early work in progress. No idea how the gear is supposed to retract or how the bombs are fitted underneath.


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Is this a genuine Boeing design? And if so, how would THAT be on your computer for you to share?
It's a Boeing 'Tail-sitter' design dating back to the early 70's. Also known as the YJ101 (after the GE engines that would have powered it). Here's some background on it:
@Grey Havoc
"No idea how the gear is supposed to retract or how the bombs are fitted underneath."

I think I have seen on-line a thumbnail view of this design in a (cannot remember which one) Scott's "Aerospace Projects Review".
Orionblamblam said:
Are you going to make the cockpit rotate?
Yes sir. You wouldn't happen to have any additional information on this design other than what's posted in the SCS fighter thread?
I went ahead and started a completely new mesh in max this time. Here's what I've got after about 6 hours work:

At the moment I'm quite unsure if the 2D nozzles as modelled are accurate or not. The available drawings do not provide much to go after.


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Looks pretty good! Regarless of whether the exhaust nozzles are accurate or not, I find the rear view to be particularly impressive...

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