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10 May 2006
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Hi Everybody!
Chuck Anderson here!!

Is anyone familiar with the following aircraft design, and if so, can anyone tell me where I can find further information?
My original source was from an artist's conception appearing in an issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology in the 1980's. (I'm sorry that I can't be more specific.) Aside from the b&w illustration, the only other information I have, comes from the caption below the illustration.

Here's the information I have:

This was a Boeing project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). (I don't know the specific Boeing Project Number.)

MISSION: High-altitude, long-endurance ocean-surveillance.

TYPE: Subsonic, twin-jet aircraft

Long, shoulder-mounted swept wings of high aspect ratio
Two (2) large jet engines mounted under the wings (one engine per wing of course)
Long, slender fuselage, bubble canopy, swept-back rudder and ailerons.

Wingspan: 200 feet
Wing Aspect Ratio: 20
Fuselage Length: 82.5 Feet
Maximum Designed Gross Weight: 60,000 lbs.

Two (2) in tandem (under large bubble canopy)

PERFORMANCE (Estimated):
Ceiling: 100,000 feet
Endurance: Eight hours

It was to have gone into service with the USN in the 1980's.

I'll scan the illustration I have and I'll try to get it to this forum sometime this week. Thanks!

Chuck Anderson
University Place, WA
*chuckle* You know, it almost sounds like a resurrection of the X-16.
Hi elmayerle!

It does seem that way as far as the aircraft's general configuration seems to be, but its much more "streamlined" than the old X-16, but you may be right as this wouldn't be the first aircraft design resurrected from an old one.

I'll try to post the illustration I have as soon as I can!

Ocean-surveillance Boeing.

page 274 : AirPictorial August 1971


page 17 : Aviation Week & Space Technlogy , 10 May 1971

Illustration in Navy Colours and brief description.
A beautifull aircraft,but I still love the X-16...

p.s. Anyone who haves a good artist impression of the X-16?
Hi Everyone!

This concerns the post that I made earlier, concerning a proposed Boeing Ocean Surveillance aircraft. Please consider this post that you are reading right now as an updated, IMPROVED post of the last one.

I wrote to the Boeing Historian asking about this, and after a couple of weeks I received some very interesting, much more detailed information on this aircraft. As part of this information, I received :

(1) A real good artists conception of what the aircraft would look like in flight, and
(2) A real good 3-view line drawing.

I'll send you the pictorial information online to this website as soon as I can!!!!
Here now, is the written information I received:

GPX Global Patrol Aircraft
Senior Pine

The GPX is designed for a maximum flight duration of 56 hr. At a cruise velocity of mach 0.6, this equates to 17,000 nmi. The aircraft can maintain a flight altitude between 65,00 to 75,000 ft with a payload of 4,000 to 12,000 lb. With a 4,000-lb payload, the aircraft can reach cruise altitude in about 35 minutes.

TOGW: 80,000 Lbs
Propulsion: (2) PW JTF 22A-5 Turbofans (F100)

Wing Geometry---
Area (Sq Ft): 2050
Aspect Ratio: 19.125
Taper Ratio: 0.4
Thickness Ratio: 0.15
Sweep C/4: 7 degrees

Wingspan: 198' 0"
Height (Ground to Tail Cone): 8 1/2'
Height (Ground to Top of Tail): 19' 2"
Length: 72' 4"
Span of Ailerons: 24' 10"

As I said, I'll get the illustrations to you as soon as possible.

Chuck Anderson
University Place, Pierce County, State of Washington
Two images from Boeing, courtesy of Chuck, and an illustration from AWST.


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Boeing's high-flying ocean surveillance aircraft concept in 1971

Found in the October 1971 issue of the US Navy's Naval Aviation News.

It was conceived as a two-seat twin-jet aircraft flying at 100,000 feet for up to eight hours.



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Artist's impression of Boeing GPX released by the US Navy. Described as a "very high-altitude, ocean-surveillance-system."

Source: "High flier" Popular Mechanics February 1972


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Re: Boeing's high-flying ocean surveillance aircraft concept in 1971

Better picture. ;D


  • KN-19569 - Very High Altitude Ocean Surveillance System Aircraft (OSSA) - May 1971.jpg
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Re: Boeing's high-flying ocean surveillance aircraft concept in 1971

Thank you Ryan for the high-res scan. Here's a Boeing OSSA factory model. (Sir George Cox collection)
Note how engines have been brought in closer to the fuselage.


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Re: Boeing's high-flying ocean surveillance aircraft concept in 1971

...very similar looking to the Bell X-16...

Re: Boeing's high-flying ocean surveillance aircraft concept in 1971

Does that giant glass canopy look completely impractical on a high-flying aircraft or what?!

and from L+K magazine.


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From L+K 16/1971,

I can't remember what was this Boeing Project ?.


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Isn’t that the Bell, not Boeing, X-16?

No, it's not. Look at the linked thread,* which discusses the resemblance.

Edit: *which is now the same thread. Thanks for the merge. mods.
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