Army Equipment Modernization Strategy

M109A7s looking oh so good in green



..Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said, for instance, that the conflict had demonstrated the importance of logistics, the impact that drones can have on the battlefield and the necessity of secure communications.

“We are very much looking every single day in real-time at what’s happening in Ukraine,” Wormuth said.

Leadership On The Battlefield Matters
‘Logistics, Logistics, Logistics’
Reducing Electronic Signature And The Danger Of Cell Phones
Prepare To Defend Against Drones
Keep Munitions Stocked
Without knowing the leftover stock of 155mm rounds, the claim those 800 thousand sent to Ukraine made us stocks run low is mostly meaningless.

I remember countless media articles over the years about jdam numbers getting low. But ultimately, all that meant is that USAF was using more jdams per year than it was procuring. It'd last for a year or two and the stock would be built up again. At no point did us jdam stock fall by half or something like that. Annual expenditure was perhaps 10% of the stock and inventory was remedied fairly soon.

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