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14 September 2023
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"Arquus' Scarabee is the combat system of modern armies seeking to equip themselves with light, highly mobile and heavily armed units. Thanks to the Scarabee’s extreme performance in mobility, they will be able to move quickly over large lands but also to control confined or urban environments. It’s the first hybrid combat vehicle capable of running on 100% electricity to reduce the acoustic and thermal signature."

Scarabee has yet to get a thread of it's own, until now.


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It also seems Scarabee has received a robotic upgrade.

Video Description:
The PLEx (Lightweight Experimental Platform) is a lightweight prototyping tool, used to carry out tests during agile development of hashtag#robotic functions.

➡ It makes it possible to test intelligence functionalities such as the perception of the environment in an unstructured environment or specific blocks of autonomy necessary to operate a vehicle in hashtag#assisted teleoperation mode.

➡ These functionalities could ultimately be integrated into vehicles with a greater mass such as the Scarabee or heavier unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

Forgive me if the translation is a bit off.

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