Another early post-war Italian jet fighter project - NSB


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14 June 2006
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NSB = Never Seen Before, at least for what I know and in the last twenty years or so. But I could be wrong. I don't know "everything" ;D
It was apparently the last project by Major GArI (Genio Aeronautico, ruolo Ingegneri) Gaspare Santangelo, author of a number of advanced designs, no one was actually build (but came very close to being). For those who don't read Italian, the caption states "Ultrasonic - read Supersonic - Interceptor, One Mars engine, Santangelo, June 1948" . The drawing has been reconstructed by myself from a series of scattered photocopies taken from the original drawing. Judging from the copy paper, they are from late '70s. As it seen, the side view is unfortunately lacking, but it can be readily argued that it was a "cockpit in intake" configuration with a wedge shaped leading edge. No sign of weapons, but probably it was intended to have a couple of guns or rockets somewhere. The Mars engine I haven't heard before (naturally is isn't the Gnome & Rhone Mars...). From nomenclature and date it could be a Bristol jet (what was the intended name for the Red Rapier's engine?).
Forgot, the photocopies were found by my friend Giorgio Apostolo looking for something else in his archive. They were clipped to other two drawings, plan view of amazing projects, probably earlier (wartime). But on this, another time.


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My apologies for Luft46 stuff
for comparison purposes only.
Here two drawings of Horten Ho X (supersonic variant) by myself


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I never saw it before,amazing Project my dear Skybolt.
Interesting project! Thank you for sharing Skybolt.
Do you have more information on Gaspare Santangelo backgrounds and other advanced designs?
Thanks again.

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