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12 July 2006
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Oficinas Gerais de Material Aeronautico (= OGMA) from Portugal designed the project of a STOL transport with two engines according to JAWA 1973-74 (page 767). Does anybody have more information on it? A drawing would be welcome too :)
Yes my dear boxkite,

I heard about it,it seemed to be powered by two 480 hp Turbomeca
Astazou II turboprps,and to carry 18-24 passengers or equivalent
freight.Of shoulder wing layout,it had front and rear loading doors,
a triple tail unit and a four-wheel landing gear.Diemension included
a wing span 72 ft (22.00m),length 48 ft (14.85m) and estimated
cruising speed 261 mph (420 km/h ).
Hello friends,
also from the period after World War II Portuguese-house developments are not known, perhaps there were several projects that have remained hidden from me so far? It is interesting to see whether there might have been something more than I do.
Thanks, Maveric
Look at. Do you know something more ?
This is from an old "Aviation magazine"


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This project is discussed in this other thread too:,15965.0.html
Maybe the two threads could be merged?
Many thanks for that clue, so a long remaining answer could be found ! ;)
(Have enlarged the picture a bit)


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Re: And now for something completely different - A Portuguese transport

2 x 480 shp seems rather underpowered for 18 - 24 pax ( planning weight 90 kg each incl. baggage ).

Or perhaps I should say that a payload of 2,100 kg or thereabouts seems a tad optimistic. The C212-100 had 2 x 710 shp for that and they kept upping in each successive version.
I agree, but 480 hp doesn't match the power stated for the Astazou either.
Maybe kW were mistaken for hp here ? The Astazou II developed 390 kW/523 hp,
but the Astazou III with 480 kW/640 hp at least would get the numbers right.

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