strategic defense initiative

  1. thatdronedude

    Laser Battle Station Model Kit Inspiration

    I recently bought a NIB copy of the Revell "Laser Battle Stations" model kit from 1984. There were a number of other kits released at the same time that all have connections to reports and concepts (see images) but these "laser battle stations" are a bit hard to place. They appear to be modeled...
  2. A

    Rods from God / "Project Thor"

    Hi. For some whatever reason, a timely article was pu(bli)shed by Sputnik, a Russian media, dealing with an "old" concept of non-nuclear space-based, orbiting kinetic space-to-ground weapon, sometimes described as "Rods from God"...
  3. Triton

    Lockheed "The Defender" SDI poster

    Lockheed "The Defender" SDI poster found on eBay. Source: Seller's description:
  4. A

    Philip Bono, By Gemini to Mars, and more...

    I've added a new article on Philip Bono's work on the Encyclopedia Astronautica at: You may notice I've reorganized and reformatted the site, and am now (after some time) begun adding new and updated content. So please visit regularly to see what is new -...
  5. Triton

    High Frontier (SDI)

    Published on Sep 27, 2012 High Frontier was a private company that promoted space-based strategic defense against nuclear ICBMs. It was founded by Daniel O. Graham, a retired lieutenant general in the U.S. Army who is often called the "father of SDI". This film promotes Graham's initiative: a...
  6. S

    List all weapons of SDI ?

    List all weapons of SDI ? - Braduskill - X-Ray Laser - NPB Neutral Particle Beam - SBL Space Based Laser - HVG HyperVelocity rail Gun - GBL Ground Based Laser - SBKKV Space Based Kinetic Kill Vehicle - BP Brilliant Pebbles
  7. S

    Noise Gun: More Bang for SDI Buck

    January 24, 1989 WASHINGTON A GUN powered by sound waves? It's not the fantasy of some hostile rock star. It's a concept under study by the Pentagon's ``star wars'' program. Noise cannons won't soon stock America's arsenals. They exist mainly in one inventor's mind. But he says sound...
  8. Grey Havoc

    Air Defense Initiative (US)
  9. Triton

    Orbital Hyper Velocity Gun (HVG) - Rail Gun

    During the Strategic Defense Initiative days of the mid 1980s, one of the weapons technologies that was discussed was a Hyper Velocity Gun (HVG) placed in orbit to fire at inbound ICBMs and MIRVs. Artist's conception (top) of USAF space-based hypervelocity launcher aka railgun, among kinetic...
  10. Orionblamblam

    Zenith Star
  11. flateric

    AMSCI/ALSV - Air-launched mini shuttles from early 1980s

    I think that you remember these tiny stuff that Boeing, Rockwell and GD proposed to USAF under family of programs - "Air-Launched Sortie Vehicle", ALSV/“Advanced Military Spaceflight Capability Technology Identification”, AMSCI and so on. Don't you have higher-resolution scans of these...
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