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space race

  1. C

    Space Shuttle Eye Candy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFwqZ4qAUkE -1- Ignore this embedded video and go directly to YouTube -2- Select 720p HD format. -3- Do something else for about 90 minutes (long video, slow server) -4- Watch at full screen with your favorite cocktail. This is just-released NASA engineering...
  2. Triton

    Mir 1 & 2

    Mir-2 Source: http://www.ninfinger.org/models/vault2004/MIR-2%20Space%20Station%20Reference/index.html
  3. Skybolt

    Robert C. Truax 1917-2010

    Seems we completely overlooked this news. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/30/local/la-me-robert-truax-20100930 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/28/AR2010092805243.html http://www.globalsecurity.org/space/systems/sealar.htm etc...
  4. J

    Bottle space suit

    von Braun "Personal Maneuvering Unit" 1954 Post-1 From -"Rockets ,Missiles, and space travel" by Willy Ley -"The dream machines" by Ron Miller -Ninfinger -Scale Models International -Icarus Designs -"Physiology of man in space" by J.H.V.Brown 1963 -Starlog Nº13,may 1978 -Unknown source...
  5. E

    Lewis Research Center Concepts

    Sorry, I don't have a scanner but there's a photo on page 7 of Secret Gadgets and Strange Gizmos by Bill Yenne that shows an ion engine. The caption reads: "The three technicians shown here in protective clothing have just emerged from cleaning in the residual toxic mercury atmosphere within...
  6. Triton

    USAF interplanetary spacecraft concept using SPUR

    USAF interplanetary spacecraft concept model using Space Power Unit Reactor (SPUR) found on EBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Spacecraft-Concept-Contractor-Desk-Model-NASA-USAF_W0QQitemZ110459822900QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item19b7eb2334 Description from EBay:
  7. Skybolt

    PARSECS - 1960

    PARSECS stands for "Program for Astronomical Research and Scientific Experiments Concerning Space". It was a major effort by Boeing starting from the late 1957 to at least 1960 under the Model 854, 855 and 856 designations. Boeing envisioned, with input from preminent scientists and astronomers...
  8. T

    russian manned moonlander

    hello folks i know that there is a prototype of an Russian moonlander some where in Russia developed for the Russian manned voyage to the moon. I'm very curious of there were more Russian designs for manned moon or mars lander best regards T-50
  9. Skybolt

    Alternate "Saturns" from 1960

    1963, like rightly Scott says on his blog (http://up-ship.com/blog/?p=2640 showing gorgeous COLOR graphics of early Martin post-Saturns), was a great year for space and future. But what we'd say of 1960 ? The companies were not only working with great plans for a rather far-off future, after...
  10. P

    SERV - 1971 VTOVL alternate shuttle proposal

    From the astonautix site http://www.astronautix.com/lvs/shuttle.htm VTOVL orbital launch vehicle. Status: Study 1971. Manufacturer's Designation: SERV. Chrysler ballistic single stage to orbit alternate shuttle proposal of June 1971. This was the most detailed design study ever performed on...
  11. Triton

    Soviet Lunar Expeditionary Complex

    Can anyone recommend a good English source for information concerning Valentin Glusko's Lunar Expeditionary Complex beyond the Russian Space Web site and Astronautix, either books or websites? Does anyone have concept art they would be willing to share? I have been on the Buran web site. It's...
  12. sferrin

    The Marquardt Space Sled

    So many smart ass remarks come to mind. . .
  13. S

    Chemical Interorbital Shuttle

    I found this interesting image on nasaimages.org. The site give this information about it: In 1970, NASA initiated Phase A contracts to study alternate Space Shuttle designs in addition to the two-stage fully-reusable Space Shuttle system already under development. A number of alternate...
  14. Skybolt

    MDC Shuttle proposal Phase A - new findings

    Well, I swear I didn't imagine to be able to complement (and slightly correct) Dennis Jenkins work on the Shuttle, but after having triple checked with all I have, it seems this is really a new finding. We are back in second half of 1969. A number of contractors are doing early definition...
  15. robunos

    US 80s TNMTS/AMLS studies aka Shuttle II

    the Advanced Manned Launch System, from NTRS, http://hdl.handle.net/2060/19920025000 cheers, Robin.
  16. P

    To the Moon by Gemini?

    http://www.astronautix.com/articles/bygemoon.htm The Astonautix site suggests that using Gemini the US could have been on the moon sooner and at less cost. 'Such a program could have achieved a manned lunar landing two years earlier than Apollo at half the cost, a savings of $ 9 billion. '...
  17. P

    US Space Shuttle Projects

    A very interesting site concerning the decisons that led to the STS being the way it is. http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4221/contents.htm
  18. Antonio

    Rotary recovery of spent booster stages

    While waiting for Orionblamblam posts I'd like to post this beast from Hiller (Vertical Challenge. The Hiller Aircraft Story from Jay P. Spenser. ISBN 0-295-97203-3) Formally proposed in 1965, it was designed to retrieve spent 200 ton Saturn V booster first stages. This tip-jet powered helo had...