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  1. hesham

    Italian Early Aircraft 1909-1920

    Hi, does anyone know these two aircraft ( Avis 4 Cagno & Avis 5 Serra Zanetti0,and what was Avis company ?
  2. klem

    Canovetti Turbine.

    At the beginning of aviation at a time when the propeller was evolving slowly, some visionaries submitted Precaucous ideas to existing technology, such as Henri Coanda or the Italian Cosimo Canovetti, trained as a civil urban planning engineer, he collaborated with Baron Haussmann , developer...
  3. athpilot


    KONSTANTIN UDALOV: "IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF V. B. SHAVROV". Vol. 1 Moscow 2022, 228 pages, ISBN: 978-5-4465-3169-1 Hi everyone! This is Konstantin Udalovs latest publication. The book "In the Footsteps of V.B. Shavrov" is an attempt to provide extended information on aeronautics and aviation in...
  4. Armin Derer

    SPIESS French rigid airship

    Kinda lost for the appropriate placement of this rigid airship which has not been introduced to the forum (as far as I can see): The SPIESS was the first and only French rigid airship, built in 1913, named after its designer, Joseph Spiess. The patent for a rigid airship was registered first in...
  5. World B4

    Satsuma class original design

    The Satsuma class as laid down was intended to mount 12 12 inch guns, with 4 on the centerline and 5 on either side, in a total of 4 twin and 4 single gun turrets. Due to budget issues that the link goes into, the ships got redesigned as semi-dreadnoughts. I can't find any illustrations of the...
  6. B

    WW1 period (~1900-1920s) experimental and small-known artillery (field, siege, AA)

    Germany: - 3,7cm TAK gun: - 28cm Krupp haubitze L/14 i.R., 1912-1913 - 28cm Erhardt haubitze L/12, 1912-1913 - 9cm Rheinmetall kanonenhaubitze L/31, 1917-1918...
  7. Hood

    Submarine Volta 1905

    This is not an unbuilt project, but it is an enigmatic mystery that perhaps members here might be able to add more to. The Volta was a 19-ton electric-powered submarine armed with two 12in torpedo tubes, built by Rennie Forrestt Shipbuilding, Engineering & Drydock Co. Ltd at Wivenhoe, Essex...
  8. Tzoli

    Foreign Warship Export Designs for Japan

    While Japan constantly grew in power since the Meiji restoration and being an island nation it's navy too had to have a prominent role in it's military forces The first warships of Japan were built in ofreign Yards mostly in British but there were quite a few French and a some from US yards as...
  9. Grey Havoc

    Royal Hellenic Navy at war and at peace

    Going slightly off-topic for a moment: View:
  10. Grey Havoc

    Royal Hellenic Navy Ship Projects
  11. World B4

    Some Imperial Russian warships

    Here are some uncompleted Imperial Russian warship projects I found on navypedia, any technical drawings, evidence of not being real, further info, or art of these would be greatly appreciated Gogland destroyers Tenedos destroyers...
  12. Lascaris

    US and German battleship designs for Chile?

    Basically what is says on the title. Apparently both Germany and USA offered designs for what became Almirante Lattore. So do we have any details on them?
  13. A

    Two Peculiar British Designs

    These projects date back to the beginning of the 20th century when many warship experiences and design concepts were developed. Neither proved to be viable. There is little information about these projects and in one case it is only possible to speculate on certain specifications. The first...
  14. Tzoli

    French Pre WW1 Battleship proposals

    I've found this article in the Warship International, Vol. 22, No. 2 (1985) about Some French Fast Battleships—That Might Have Been: These are some interesting proposals from the Naval College graduates. The two battlecruiser designs mentioned at the end were Georges Edmond Just Durand-Viel...
  15. blackkite

    The Morita Aeroplane.

    Hi! The Morita Aeroplane. Source : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAPANESE AIRCRAFT VOL.8 KYUSHU CONTENTS Blog of Shinzo Morita's son about his father.(Four pages) Some strange duplication include in English explanation. Brief biography of Shinzo Morita by his son...
  16. JFC Fuller

    Pre WW1 Royal Navy Diesel Engines for Surface Ships

    Reading through threads on the All the Worlds' Battlecruisers forum I was struck by two covering Fisher/Vickers proposals for diesel powered capital ships, they ignited a memory I had of reading about a single cylinder diesel test unit Vickers had produced prior to the War that seemed relevant...
  17. World B4

    Norwegian Battleships

    In 1905 there were rumors of the Norwegian aquiring two battleships from the Argentineans, via Peter Christophersen. They would have supposedly been named the Asbjornsen and the Moe. The questions I have are would they have just been the Independencia and Libertad, and if so what modifications...
  18. snark

    R.I.P. James F. Lansdale

    Posted in yesterday: Dear Members of, Once again, I am afraid it is my sad duty to inform you of the saddest news of all in this dark year of devastating loss for the aviation history fraternity. After a 22 year battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, our dear friend...
  19. Apophenia

    Fokker Alpha-Numeric Aircraft Designations

    Fokker Designation Style First World War Fokker Aircraft Designations While in Germany, Anthony Fokker's various corporate entities applied internal designations to aircraft designs. This early designation series began with 'M' for 'Militär' followed by an individual type number in Arabic...
  20. C

    Japanese 'dream project' battleships and never built battleships

    Hello people! I'm looking for information about the following projects, some pure paper projects, other more serious proposals never come to fruition: -Kaneda battleship: an alleged 1914 study by Commander Kaneda about an half million ton battleship armed with 100 41cm guns in 50 double turrets...
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