pre-world war i

  1. Tzoli

    Foreign Warship Export Designs for Japan

    While Japan constantly grew in power since the Meiji restoration and being an island nation it's navy too had to have a prominent role in it's military forces The first warships of Japan were built in ofreign Yards mostly in British but there were quite a few French and a some from US yards as...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Royal Hellenic Navy
  3. N

    Some Imperial Russian warships

    Here are some uncompleted Imperial Russian warship projects I found on navypedia, any technical drawings, evidence of not being real, further info, or art of these would be greatly appreciated Gogland destroyers Tenedos destroyers...
  4. Tzoli

    French Pre WW1 Battleship proposals

    I've found this article in the Warship International, Vol. 22, No. 2 (1985) about Some French Fast Battleships—That Might Have Been: These are some interesting proposals from the Naval College graduates. The two battlecruiser designs mentioned at the end were Georges Edmond Just Durand-Viel...
  5. blackkite

    The Morita Aeroplane.

    Hi! The Morita Aeroplane. Source : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAPANESE AIRCRAFT VOL.8 KYUSHU CONTENTS Blog of Shinzo Morita's son about his father.(Four pages) Some strange duplication include in English explanation. Brief biography of Shinzo Morita by his son...
  6. N

    Norwegian Battleships

    In 1905 there were rumors of the Norwegian aquiring two battleships from the Argentineans, via Peter Christophersen. They would have supposedly been named the Asbjornsen and the Moe. The questions I have are would they have just been the Independencia and Libertad, and if so what modifications...
  7. C

    Japanese 'dream project' battleships and never built battleships

    Hello people! I'm looking for information about the following projects, some pure paper projects, other more serious proposals never come to fruition: -Kaneda battleship: an alleged 1914 study by Commander Kaneda about an half million ton battleship armed with 100 41cm guns in 50 double turrets...
  8. P

    Italian Submarines 1895-Present

    What can the dozens of experts tell me about Italian designed and built submarines?
  9. hesham

    Etrich Aircraft

    Hi, Austrian Igo Etrich (1879-1967) was experimented in aeronautics from 1899. After working with engineer Franz Wels he made a tailless glider with backswept wings in 1907. 1909 Etrich "Nurflügel" (Only Wings) tractor monoplane 1909 Etrich Taube (Dove) tractor monoplane 1909 Etrich-Wels...
  10. hesham

    Polish Lesser Known Designers,Civil/Military Prototypes & Projects

    Hi, the designer Feliksa Brodowskiego (Brodowski) made a two-seat biplane fighter Project in 1925,the design was modeled on Breguet XIV aircraft,and called Jupiter, powered by one 400 hp Jupiter engine.
  11. Cy-27

    Hamilton Aeroboat 1914 Flying Boat

    In April 1914 the American magazine Aircraft reported that the Hamilton Aero Mfg. Co. of Seattle, Washington, were putting the finishing touches on an flying or aero boat with a completely closed cabin. It had a streamlined hull with the bow coming to a point while stern was tapered. The...
  12. Tzoli

    Romanian Naval Programmes

    These texts were from Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921 and 1922-1946 Late 19th century: The 1899 Naval Expansion Programme: My notes: The 4 built river monitors were ships of the Ion C. Bratianu class The 8 river torpedo-boats are the ships of the Capitan Nicolae Lascar...
  13. hesham

    Guidoni Early Aircraft and his Activities

    Hi, here is Guidoni early aircraft concepts,and his his activities in aviation about developed a floats to anther airplanes,in early period.,5/ricordi_di_idroaviazione,21.html
  14. airman

    Japanese airships until 1945

    Anyone know something about japanese airships until 1945 ? I have found this article on j-aircraft :
  15. Cy-27

    Macchi Designations (Aermacchi / Alenia-Aermacchi)

    Aermacchi was an Italian aircraft manufacturer. Established originally in 1912 as the Nieuport-Macchi S.A. by Giulio Macchi at Varese in north-western Lombardy. It was later known as Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A. During the firms formative years Macchi worked closely with engine designer Vittorio...
  16. hesham

    AEG Projects

    Hi, we can also here,speak about AEG projects,and we talk about AEG R-Project and R.II in this topic;,15020.0.html But,does anyone hear about AEG G.VI bomber project ?.
  17. hesham

    AGO Flugzeugwerke GmbH - Projects until 1919

    Hi, the Germany company AGO has a branch in Austria,that branch developed a sesquiplane pursuit flying boat aircraft during WW1,powered by one 218 hp Warschalowski pusher engine.
  18. Cy-27

    Bauer Aircraft (Austrian Designer Engineer Leopold Bauer)

    Leopold Bauer worked for the Jacob Lohner & Co aircraft firm until the end of World War One. The firm was one of the first aircraft companies in Austria-Hungary, which began with the production of aircraft propellers. Starting in 1912 a propeller construction division was created, which...
  19. hesham

    Fiat Projects and Little Known Aircraft

    Hi, we spoke before about many Fiat projects,but I open this topic to continue talking about more Fiat Projects. the G.4 was a two seat light aircraft project,powered by one 760 hp Fiat A.6 R engine,I hope we get a more unknown Fiat G series projects...
  20. blackkite

    Japanese aircraft pioneer Chuhachi Ninomiya