1. U

    NATO formulates its first AI strategy The strategy has a fourfold aim: To provide a responsible foundation for its use, acceleration and mainstreaming of technology, protection and monitoring of technologies, identifying and safeguarding against malicious use. Principles of...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Poland going for Abrams MBT? (M1A2 SEPv3)
  3. uk 75

    NATO Minuteman

    After the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 the US replaced its land based medium range ballistic missiles in Europe. While the Minuteman ICBM was the main national deterrent system, the role of countering Russian missiles aimed at Western Europe was taken on by Polaris (later Poseidon) submarines...
  4. Grey Havoc

    Next-Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC)
  5. uk 75

    NATO LPH based on USS Iwo Jima

    The US Navy's Iwo Jima class helicopter carriers were the closest the US came to a Harrier carrier when one was used as an interim Sea Control Ship. The US Marines went on to operate its Harriers from Tarawa and Wasp class ships. But the compact Iwo Jimas might have been a quick and dirty...
  6. Grey Havoc

    Ongoing FUBAR [US policy, Afghanistan]

    Now I'm not normally one for strong language but I'm sorely tempted in this case.
  7. P

    NBMR.3 not V/STOL?

    If NBMR.3 had not called for the aircraft to be V/STOL, what, if any changes are you likely to see with the aircraft that actually entered service after the dust had settled?
  8. cluttonfred

    Land-based hovercraft

    The "hovertank" is a staple of science fiction novels and board games, yet in the real world fans and skirts never seem to have supplanted wheels or tracks. Does anyone have any projects or prototypes to share on proposed land-based hovercraft? Cheers, Matthew
  9. Skybolt

    NBMR-4 requirement: the other Italian contenders

    The official Italian submission to the NBMR-4 V/STOL transport was the G-222. What is little known is that other Italian companies submitted a design, but were told to forget about it. One of the most completely studied was the SIAI-Marchetti S-201, the first official project by Ing. Brena...
  10. A

    Hawker Siddeley P.1154

    Hi again, about P1154 I find this pic.
  11. RP1

    NFR-90 and other Pre-Horizon AAW Projects

    (I wasn't sure if this should be included under the Horizon thread, as there were at least 8 projects between Type 42 and Type 45 in the UK alone, let alone any other nations, and Horizon was just one of those) (Note that the image is resized by the forum code and is actually 994 * 582...
  12. hesham

    NATO Basic Military Requirements (NBMR)

    Hallo, it is good field to start serearch about new projects. in 1954 NATO issue a competition for lightweight strike fighter,all the members submitted a proposals,such as: Italy Fiat G-91 France Breguet BR-1001 Taon Germany Messerschmitt P.1225 can you complete ?.
  13. overscan (PaulMM)

    Eurocopter HTH

    Current project for a Heavy Transport Helicopter Source: Aviation International News July 17 (Farnborough)
  14. overscan (PaulMM)

    Link 16 datalink

    I really don't know much about Link 16 datalink. Here's a picture of a Link 16 display- has anyone researched this area?
  15. GTX

    Armstrong Whitworth AW.681 / HS.681

    Hi folks, Does anyone have detailed information on the British contender (and winner I believe) for the NBMR. 4 VTOL tactical transport aircraft requirement - the Armstrong Whitworth Type 681? All I have are these pictures: Regards, Greg