douglas aircraft company

  1. K

    Douglas Arbalist

    Hello, I searched the forum and haven't found a thread about this topic, and it appears no one has discussed it in any other threads either, so here it is. Anyway, a while ago I was perusing Andreas Parsch's website and I found mention of the apparently obscure Douglas Arbalist in the missile...
  2. S

    Douglas ATA-A1: Another « Skybus » project !

    Ever heard of the Douglas « Skybus »? I can hear you from here: "Of course! That was supposed to be a much-enlarged airliner derivative of the XB-42 Mixmaster..." Well, yeah. But no. Not THAT Skybus. A couple of days ago I came across this eBay item, an article about ANOTHER Douglas Skybus...
  3. hesham

    Douglas Astro delta-wing spacecraft

    Hi, the Douglas Astro was delta-wing vehicle and spacecraft,it was combined aircraft and rocketry concepts.
  4. hesham

    Douglas DC-8 Skybus

    Hi, The Original DC-8 design from;
  5. L

    Douglas XB-19 "Hemisphere Defender"

    Gentlemen, Is there anyone of you who haves ever seen illustrations of the 6-engined initial design for the XB-19 ? (3-view or artists impression) Thanks in advance..