1. Deltafan

    Unknown Dassault stealth study/concept fighter from 2001 or before

    Hi everybody, On a French website, a forumer showed us today a video from a Dassault advertising DVD dating from June 2001. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etDiJ2_l3ak At the end of the video (7'05"), there is an unknown Dassault stealth fighter study/concept, with a "V" tail and...

    Aircraft with air intakes like Dassault Rafale's air intakes?

    Hi, Can you suggest projects of aircraft, the shape and the location of the air intakes of which is similar to the shape of Dassault Rafale's air intakes, since I have not found built aircraft with such air intakes, so please contact here (also attach drawings of such aircraft if possible)...
  3. GTX

    Mirage F-O Supersonic Trainer for Australia

    Is anyone able to provide some details on this:
  4. galgot

    Dassault EUROTRAINER (2003-2005)

    Came across this on a modeling site. A modeler did a detailed model out from a bare unpainted Dassault resin (?) display model. The author says he know very little about it apart that it really comes from dassault, was to be called EUROTRAINER and was a 2003-2005 study for a Alphajet...
  5. Triton

    Dassault Rafale NEWS ONLY

    The Story of the Rafale documentary produced by New Delhi Television (NDTV). http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/fromndtv/257581
  6. hesham

    Dassault LOGIDUC program

    Hi, http://www.air-attack.com/videos/73/nEUROn-UCAV.html
  7. Antonio

    Dassault Stealth Fighter Concepts

    From French aerospace mag Air&Cosmos July 1994. I made this drawing based on the magazine article. Can anybody post the original pic and additional information on Dassault post-Rafale studies in the 90's?