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13 February 2006
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ASW and AWACS navy project. Related aircrafts are here:,353.0.html


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Matej said:
ASW and AWACS navy project. Related aircrafts are here:,353.0.html

Didn't this progress to the detailed mock-up stage, or am I thinking of another Soviet AEW aircraft?

Yep! :) I am trying to post some info, but it doesn't look good with my free time. :-\


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I'm surprised that India hasn't bought this aircraft. They are desperately looking for a carrier AEW plane.
rickshaw said:
I'm surprised that India hasn't bought this aircraft. They are desperately looking for a carrier AEW plane.

If you look carefully, you might notice that the photograph appears to depict only a mock up.

I don't know how far along the Yak-44E progressed, but it would not have been an inexpensive proposition even if it had been near completion at the time of the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Even the D-27 propfans, shared with the An-70, were never fully developed and are currently thought to be out of production. Then comes the thorny issue of the actual radar system....
The Indians appear to be quite able to supply the radar, going the reports of their efforts with their Hs-748 prototypes are anything to go by. Their real problem was a suitable aircraft for carrier operations. This appears to be able to offer some solution.
Yak-44 full-scale mock-up on the desk of Tbilisi during carrier compatibility tests, early spring of 1990
Source: Arsenal, 03/2008


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Yakovlev Yak-44E

Type: Projected twin-turboprop airborne early warning and control aircraft.

Program: Originally planned for naval service after abandonment of Antonov An-72 derivative known to NATO as "Madcap." Program terminated by Defense Ministry late 1993. Yakovlev continued export marketing effort through 1994. Export version canceled in 1995.

Design features: Configuration very likely that of Grumman E-2 Hawkeye; major differences include straight wing trailing-edge and winglets; wings fold upward and forward; rotodome on high aerofoil section mast, lowers to same height as fins and folded wings for stowage; two tailfins only; twin main wheels; contra-rotating propellers on long shafts.

Dimensions external
Wing span: 25.20 m (82 ft 8.25 in)
Length overall: 20.59 m (67 ft 6.75 in)
Height overall rotodome up: 7.00 m (23 ft 0 in)
Height overall rotodome lowered: 5.14 m (16 ft 10.5 in)
Wheelbase: 9.373 m (30 ft 9 in)

Source: Lambert, Mark ed. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1994-1995 Jane's Information Group Ltd. 1994 p. 387.

Model of Yakovlev Yak-44E.


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What a loss on behalf of the Soviet`s (and latter Russia!)
The Soviet`s (both Navy and Air Force) could have done with such an important force-multiplier like the Yak-44E.
With the continues and ever growing want (and realization of importance) of AEW/AWACS platforms throughout the worlds military organizations, Russia could have/be making a packet out of this Hawkeye type aircraft, as opposed to the large and expensive (to both purchase and operate!) IL-78 platform.

Thanks for the beautiful 3-views Matej & Ucon - nothing but the best & most interesting from you guys.


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Pavel_P said:
Triton, you think YAK-44 was redesigned by Chinese?

I found the graphic on paralay and noticed the Chinese marking as well. The model could be entirely speculative. I was wondering though if the Peoples' Republic of China had expressed interest in licensing the Yakovlev Yak-44E design for use on its aircraft carrier(s). Did Yakovlev market the design to the Chinese for this purpose? Anyone know?
Paralay used to make interesting collages - the combination of photos and drawing. Regarding the licensing - very unlikely. If there was ever such an idea, than the primary customer should be the India.
What's happened with the mockup of this very promising aircraft?


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Very interesting indeed. The application of FASS is most interesting.
Also, on the variant with the contraprop, where is the engine?

Ah, I thought it looked familiar. I wonder where they put all the black boxes for the radar!


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