Yakovlev Yak-35

There is only pict. of the artist A.ZHIRNOV and some technical given from book I.BEDRETDINOV
"Ударно-разведывательный самолет Т-4" 2005.
2)The Comparative technical features plane rival T-4. (including Tu-135, Tu-125 and Yak-35)


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Yak-35MV was a different project I believe, a fighter (described in Soviet Secret Projects: Fighters on pages 79-80). No illustration.
Its in Bastion Bombers (2) as a frontal bomber project (Page 249). Rereading SSP:JF it does note a fighter bomber variant of the Yak-35MV, competing with Su-7B.
Can someone translate the chart? I think it contains information on the performance and dimensions of this aircraft.

Also, the translation of the webpage mentions a Kh-45 missile and says it is an anti-ship missile. However, other sources say it was an armament for the Sukhoi T-4. It was also proposed for the Tu-160 bomber but the Kh-55 was selected instead, so perhaps it was an air to ground cruise missile?
Chart details :

Maximum Take-off Weight (Tonnes)
Normal Take-off Weight (Tonnes)
Practical Range
at cruise km
Practical Range
at 850 km/h in km
Maximum Speed km/h
Service Ceiling km
Wing Loading kg/sq m
Wing Area sq m
Take of Run m
Take-off Thrust
Engine Thrust (Afterburner) kg
A stretched B-58! Didn't Myasischev have a similar bomber design as well?
A stretched B-58! Didn't Myasischev have a similar bomber design as well?
Yes, he had - the early version of M-56 project:
But that was 210-ton strategic bomber with 10 000 km range, while Yak-35 was more than twice lighter (102 tons MTW) and its range was only 6000 km, which put it rather into Tu-22/22M category. By Soviet classification it is long-range bomber, not strategic one.
I'm not sure if this model from TsAGI museum is related or just a reference model, but it has some striking similarities to Yak-35 art.


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