No drawing was survivor for it ?;

"325" - the long-range supersonic bomber single. This bomber was set in March 1956 assumed that it will have a maximum flight speed of 3000 km / h, the practical range of 4000 km altitude over the target 18 000 .. 20 000 m and weight of combat load, along with the equipment 2300 kg.
At the end of November 1956 on the proposal of the MAP and the MO altitude over the target was increased to 23,000 ... 25,000 m. At the same time on one machine instead decided to set SPVRD TRD VK-15. Work on the bomber "325" began late and over-burdened by OKB-301 other topics, in defiance of the military were slow. In September 1957 the plant management number 301 has asked the Air Force with a proposal to develop unmanned aircraft, and presented two options for automatic piloting, navigation, bombing, and landing. They also discussed the development of an unmanned spy plane on the basis of "325", which starts from the mobile unit output to the target with an accuracy of ± 4 km and landing at its base. At the end of July 1958 all work on the bomber "325" and the scout stopped at its base.
So weird,

this beast was not mentioned in the book, Unflown Wings ?!.

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