Vought V-516 FAC Proposal

Mark Nankivil

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13 June 2007
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Greetings All -

Another treasure from the Vought Archives is the V-516 FAC proposal. The 3 view has it in USAF markings - what program was this aimed at or was it possibly an unsolicited proposal?

Son of Pinto?!

Enjoy the Day! Mark


  • V-516 Cover Sheet.gif
    V-516 Cover Sheet.gif
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  • V-516 Inboard Profile.gif
    V-516 Inboard Profile.gif
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  • V-516 Structural Arrangement.gif
    V-516 Structural Arrangement.gif
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Mark Nankivil said:
Son of Pinto?!

very cool find, and yes, this is at the very least an illegitimate son of Pinto ;D
PT-6 ducted fan...makes for an interesting comparison with the RFB Fantrainer
The landing gear arrangement is also VERY interesting. Reminds me of a Fairey Barracuda.

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