1. J

    Chance Vought XF5U-1

    Chance Vought XF5U-1
  2. J

    Chance Vought V-173

    Chance Vought V-173
  3. allysonca


    Here is another model that I made as I was forever chasing an in-house. I made this larger and a bit more detailed than the Vought model shop would have produced.
  4. C

    New information Vought's project MALLAR and Apollo missions

  5. Mark Nankivil

    Vought Track Air Cushion Vehicle

    Good Day All - Some non aircraft/missile drawings from the Vought Archives of a proposed TACV - Track Air Cushion Vehicle. Apparently there as a model similar to this design shown at Transpo '72. An article on the similar (but built) Rohr TACV is at...
  6. overscan (PaulMM)

    Vought F-8 Avionics

    A very nice supplement to the Flight Manual with good info, cockpit displays for the radar of the Vought F-8D/E here: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2018/02/vought-f-8de-flight-manual-supplemental.html
  7. P

    Vought X-100

    This Vought X-100 is from what program?
  8. allysonca

    Vought Model to identify

    How about this one.... I received it at the same time that I secured 3 Vought TFX proposals. Supposed to be a Vought concept.
  9. The Artist

    Vought Windtunnel Model - can anyone identify?

    This incomplete metal and wood model is in the Retired Employee's center archives at Vought. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. S

    Vought V-3010 Sealifter: Extreme STOL Amphibious Transport

    Just when everyone thought V-2000 was the highest model number ever allocated by Vought, I came across this mention of a Model V-3010 Sealifter, described as an "Extreme STOL Amphibious Transport" studied by Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. in 2004. Good to hear that Vought's latest incarnation...
  11. hesham

    The Early Vought XF6U-1

    Hi, here is the early Vought XF6U-1 Pirate configurations,which led to F6U-1.
  12. Bill S

    Vought-Sikorsky VS-302B

    2 Engined Bombardment Airplane June 30, 1939 Vought Archives
  13. Mark Nankivil

    Vought Blitzfighter / ATLAS / VMX lightweight attack studies

    Greetings All - An interesting find for me in the Vought Archives was the Blitzfighter along with some other small/micro fighter and attack aircraft designs. I'll start off first with a couple of reports and a few drawings out of them and later will pull in some Atlas designs that I found...
  14. Mark Nankivil

    Vought V-406

    Greetings All - With the references to turboprop options at the beginning of the program, these two Vought designs seem to fit best in the TS149 topic. Both specifically reference all weather and the radar on the designs makes me think these designs are for this. As usual, from the Vought...
  15. Bill S

    Vought V-169

    One of the designs leading up to the TBU-1 (V-174). I found two flavors of V-169. V-169A first Vought archives
  16. Bill S

    Vought E-101 Transport

    Please forgive if this has been posted before, I did a search for Vought and found mainly Postwar projects. This is the E-101 Transport aircraft. Again a variation in Vought's numbering system. From Vought Archives Enjoy!
  17. Mark Nankivil

    Vought V-523 naval fighter - pre-VFAX study

    Greetings All! Happy New Year to the group - may 2010 be filled with many new finds! Attached is a photo of the V-523 model in the Vought Archives collection. A friend of mine, Fred Harl, came along on my last trip down to Vought in August and photographed a number of the models while I was...
  18. hesham

    Vought XRM-91 competition

    Hi, the Chance Vought XRM-91 was won over 12 companies,and Vought got the major contact for the NASA/Department Defense Scout four- stage solid-propellant space research vehicle of 1959. Who know the other tenders ?.
  19. Mark Nankivil

    Vought V-516 FAC Proposal

    Greetings All - Another treasure from the Vought Archives is the V-516 FAC proposal. The 3 view has it in USAF markings - what program was this aimed at or was it possibly an unsolicited proposal? Son of Pinto?! Enjoy the Day! Mark
  20. J

    Vought F7U Cutlass - Developments, Variants and Related Projects

    I understand that the first Vought A2U-1 (the attack version of the F7U Cutlass) was almost complete when it was cancelled on 18 November 1954. Does anybody know what happened to the airframe (and any others that there may have been). Was it just scrapped or was it use for a F7U Cutlass, and, if...