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5 April 2006
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The "Preview" will have ten designs. Each design has a full-page three (or more) view drawing, and anywhere from half a page to two pages of description and data. As of today, all the drawings are done; the writeups are done at the draft level (a fair amount of tweaking required); the introduction and assorted blather needs to be written. Also: artwork for four of the ten projects is underway: three vehicles are being "competed," and when all the art is done, lower-rez versions will be posted here and voted on. I *might* instead put all the art into the Preview and have the voting take place based on the final product... just depends on reproduction costs.

A fourth vehicle I am hoping to be able to include a cutaway profile drawing. The "resume" drawing that was sent to me was very nice. I have high hopes for the Preview project, and to include a number of such cutaways in the final book.

So, we're getting there...
The drawings are done. The writing is done. The bulk of the art is done (awaiting: cover art and a cutaway pen & ink) and incorporated. I got new PDF software, and made my first test runs... after tweaking (it added spurious blank pages I had to remove), it's 38 pages and about 1.75 meg. Should be 39 pages when the last art comes in.

I decided to put both artists art into the preview, side-by-side. I've also decided to sell the preview, at least initially, solely as an electronic document. I'll put the document on my website with a randomized folder name; you send the money via Paypal, I email you the address, you download. It'll change every couple of days. I've also decided to go with $.20 per page: $7.80 total. Being electronic, there'll be no postage, so it doesn't matter where you are... same price. Don't send money yet.

So... awaiting art, then I'll be ready to go. I've started working on the second work of this kind, which will be the "B-47" chapter of the final book.
overscan said:
Do you have a Paypal account?

If so, I'm happy to be the first customer 8)

.... and I would like to be the second !!! ;D
I'm going to want two copies, one for me and one for a friend. How do you want to handle that? Just have me put the e-mail address for my friend in the paypal comments section so you can e-mail him to download it?
Best wishes for a big success with this Scott.

Sundog said:
I'm going to want two copies, one for me and one for a friend. How do you want to handle that? Just have me put the e-mail address for my friend in the paypal comments section so you can e-mail him to download it?

Hmm. Well, since the location of the file will be constantly shuffling around, and an email from me (a stranger looking like spam) could well get lost... if you want a copy for a friend, perhaps the most straightforward approach would be for you to pay for that copy, and then email it to him.

Something of an "honor system" would have to work here.
No problem. He reads these boards and I know he wouldn't pass it on and I wouldn't either. I've bought every APR so far. ;)
Scott, IF you want, send the cover to me in advance, I'll print it and make a couple of bookseller I know to put it on the desk as advertising with the address of your site or whatever.
The cover for the preview. I think it looks pretty good!

One more bit of art to go (a cutaway perspective drawing), and we'l be ready to go...


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Wow! :eek:
I print it in full colour and go immediately to my friends booksellers!
Cool cover,
I'm looking forward to it's release. :)
Sundog said:
I'm looking forward to it's release. :)

I'm now in the "any day now" timeframe. Hopefully.

Prior to adding the cover, the PDF file was clocking in at about 1.8 meg. With cover and the last bit of art, I'd expect 2.25-2.5 meg. Not too bad. About 40 pages.
The last bit of art is a bit delayed, but the first part of it came in today (it's a two-part aircraft... one component done, the other component just roughed out).

In lieu of the actual final product ready for sale, here are some hints:


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overscan said:
when can we buy it?

When it's done. After previous disasters with pre-sales, I've decided against selling something I don't actually have on hand. I still hope to have this ready this week... but obviously, this week is running down in a hurry.
No hurry. The cutaway is looking excellent. I'd rather wait for quality than have you rush it. :)

Is that a J58 powering the preview cutaway?
Well, I *still* don't have the last bit of art, so I've given the artist a deadline of Saturday. So, one way or the other, it'll be released early to mid next week. I'd prefer it to have the cutaway, but I can't wait forever.
Woo! Deadlines focus the mind. Recieved a draft of the final artwork today. Artist will continue to tinker through Saturday; the art is not quite done, but it is just about "good enough" (this is, after all, the "preview," not the final book).

So, unless I get smashed by a Mack truck, my computer gets stolen or Islamists set off an EMP nuke in the upper atmosphere over Utah... early part of next week I should release the preview.

Artists who contributed (you know who you are) will get a preliminary copy within 24 hours for you to review, and make sure your art is what you want it to be.
I have uploaded a nearly-done draft and directed two of the board members to it's location. So, hopefully soon I'll get some feedback on both the work itself and the ease of downloading and quality of the PDF file. Works out to a bit above 2 meg, 39 pages. 15 designs covered, 15 B&W layout drawings; three of those designs are presented with color profile art (by two different artists), and one cutaway pen & ink line drawing.

Depending upon comments recieved from the several people I've directed the file to, I plan on starting sales on Sunday. Now I need to start working on the web page for it...
OK, I need one (1) volunteer to go first, to make sure I have the system set up properly. First one to reply here (*not* PM), I'll send a PM to showing what I've got set up, and how to go about buying a copy.

The first half of the process - you know, the more important one, me getting paid - has been accomplished. As soon as I hear back from pometablava about how the downloading of the file went, I'll post a new thread.

It's really great ;D
Congratulations for Scott and the artists. Dear Gentlemen, everybody in the forum get your copy now ;)

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